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  1. So, lately, or about 4 months ive liked this girl at my school. I've never really approached her as If I really liked her, but I'm MADLY in love with her. I only see her in the mornings for about 5 minutes by she sits at different tables then I. When everyone gets up to leave, I try to make eye contact with her and we stare at each other for a few seconds then either she or I look away. I just need some help on how to tell if she likes me or not. I haven't gained up the courage to wink at her when we make eye contact. I see her at soccer practic and whenever I pass her she either lightly taps me at my shingl guard or bumps my arm. I text he and flirt with her and all that wonky smiley face stuff. You guys are the people who I'm leaning to for help.

    Don't think his is corny or none of that silly junk, I'm not the only one who deals with this daily. This could maybe helP others with the same problem I'm having with girls. I just love her to freaking death and I want to know Ivan show her I like her, and how to tell if she likes me. Any tips? :)
  2. Be a man and talk to her don't be scared or you will regret it for a long time. When you want something/someone you will go for it no matter what. :)
  3. Hmm women they are a tricky breed to understand.
  4. Yea, I talk to her at soccer practice sometimes, but it really gets me no where.
  5. Well best advice i heard the worst she can tell you is no, if you like her and your getting a vibe that she likes you than suck up your fear walk up to her and ask her to hang out some time or go to the movies take things slow don't try to rush her into a relationship if she doesn't want one right now. From what i read in your first statement it seems to me that she likes you so why not go ahead with it :)
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  6. You should..... I might not be the best source of help for this... :/ Try talking to her.
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  7. i would just personally go up and ask her. If your to shy to do so try texting or get someone to ask her for you.

    Best of Luck
    - Doomauculas <3
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  8. I'm afraid I can't help. I've recently come to the conclusion I'm incapable of love.
  9. Get her phone number if she has a phone.

    Edit: *Facepalm* I didn't read the last sentence of the first paragraph...
  10. She broke up with some other guy about Sunday, reason was she said she wanted to be single. So I could maybe grab my guts from the trash an and go ask her out sometimes next week. Or should I giver her some time and wait a week or two?

    I was reading my old text messages and she said she wanted to try with that guy she broke up woth recently before we did. So that could mean something? We call each other Blondie because we both have blond hair.
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  11. im starting to think most of you just posted without reading the OP.
  12. In the words of Nigahiga, the world if your oyster, and you just have to find your pearl, unless the oyster doesn't have a pearl, then you need another oyster, which is another world... I didn't help, did I.
  13. I'm suddenly very confused...
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  14. Yea, all I really do is text her. Our first soccer game is tomorrow, maybe if they win, I could go and start a conversation and then get to the point and ask her out.

    I asked for her number a while back, and we have texted each other for a while, I haven't really called her and asked her about her day or anything. Keep in mind were both 15.
  15. Watch this video.

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  16. I would maybe ease it in for a week and hint at the idea every now and then. Now onto your second question well it can mean something but my perspective coming from being a guy is it does mean something she likely wanted to see how things were and maybe now wants to see how things with you will be though it is a tricky thing to pan out in my head
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  17. Wait. Definitely. I can give advice but the truth is…I'm too scared to ask the girl I like out. :D
  18. I wouldnt go too far yet, try becoming friends and then make your move in like a month.
  19. I've watched a couple YouTube videos and most of them said to keep eye contact and hold it until the girl lets loose. They also said they would fluff up their hair and stuff to make them look good enough for you.
  20. Im pretty sure there already friends