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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by MrColt45, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. Hello Empire,

    1.9 is almost upon us! In celebration I'll be giving out a free Ender Crystal to anyone who asks here in this thread* (please don't pm me in game).

    - Limit is one per player, you can use alts.
    - Offer will go for the first 1,000 requests
    - Offer will last for two weeks following the update

    Following your post I will set up and access chest on the rooftop of The Hoard @ 18721 where you can pick up your free Ender Crystal. There is a tp in shop or do 18721@top. Please don't request mail.

    You may request now to allow me to start setting up chests. Crystals will be available immediately following the 1.9 update.


    *Offer assumes the crafting recipe will be as it is in the 1.9 preview. If there is any change offer will be void.
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  2. Awesome! Can I have one, pretty please?

    With, like, a bunch of cherries on top?
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  3. plaz can i have a ender crystal
  4. Fantastic! MAY I have one please?? :p
  5. If it's free I want it. That's my motto.
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  6. I would like one please.

    Thank you very much.
  7. I would like a free Ender Crystal. Could you get one for CatLady808 too? They're her favorite 1.9 thing.
  8. May I please have one, Oh generous one?
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  9. Very generous. I've been regretting selling all my Ghast Tears recently.
  10. Sign me up for one.
  11. *Crash* I heard free ender crystals! Sign me up :p
  12. Sign me up for one please.
  13. Can I have one?
  14. I'll take one! Thanks for doing this!
  15. Sign me up! Thank you very much for this Mrcolt45! (;
  16. ooh, sign me up
  17. I'd love one. I appreciate it.
  18. Yes, may I have one please, sir?
  19. I'll take one too please, seems pretty neat. :)
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