Get rid of the 10r charge for Vault in town?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, May 9, 2013.

  1. I was jumping around my various Vault pages just now, shifting things about, etcetc, when I realised how bloody irritating and pointless the message with the 10r charge is.

    Does it actually serve a purpose? It's not really hampering or affecting anyone with the Daily Voting rewards - the sum is so small as to be insignificant and if it is causing problems, it's only for the people who constantly struggle on the poverty line for whatever reason - generally new players.

    Isn't it about time we put it to bed and got rid of it?

    Either that or scale it up depending on the amount of Rupees the player has.

    I just don't see what it adds to anything in its current state.
  2. It's a way to prevent players from spamming /vault and lag the server out.
  3. There are better ways to prevent that. I just feel it's a left-over from the old days of EMC and doesn't have a place in its current form.
  4. Well I truly believe alot of us have only 5 vault pages just for no charge. No reason for them to take away the charge since 5 vault pages makes it free for you.
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  6. You're not thinking of the vast majority of other players that will never get even two Vault pages.

    There's no reason to keep the charge, more to the point. The only people as I say, it's ever likely to bother, are the players that are starting out and finding their feet and don't realise you can get free Rupees every day.
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  7. True.
  8. I agree with you. It should be removed. It just becomes really annoying after a while. Especially if you do what I do and ship masses of bulk items between servers occasionally.
  9. It shouldn't be removed because it gives people a reason to become rich or a supporter, I'm not a supporter but I spent a lot if time to become rich and when there was vouchers, I boaght them, so now I have free access to 5 of them. It's a good perk that makes EMC exciting
  10. Not really - you can get up to 700r free every day. It also doesn't promote getting Supporter, as you still get charged 10r every time regardless of Supporter rank.

    As I say, it's a relic from a time gone by when EMC economy was a bit more..... modest. It should either be a lot more expensive to Vault (Maybe 1k per use :D?) or it should be removed. It's just an irritant now and adds nothing to the gameplay.
  11. I say keep the vault charge as is... It is a completely fair amount as you shouldn't have to pay a ridiculous amount to access your vault but yet at the same time there should be a fee. If you find the 10r charge annoying then spend 40k and then you will be able to open vault for free as well as having 5 pages :D

    Surely players who think the 10r charge is outdated can afford 40k in order to rid it from their account :)
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  12. Kilmannan does have a point... Seeing as regular players can get a minimum of 800r each day I don't see why it's necessary to keep it, aside for the perk that buying 5 pages will get you infinite opening for free, and does really belong with an old EMC.

    If we are going to keep it though, might as well raise the price if we're not supposed to be using it as a chest. :)
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  13. Uh... you mean maximum?
  14. Minimum, the minimum amount of rupees you can get without actual transactions with players is 800r :)
  15. Its one of the few rupee sinks we have, and its so minor that it doesn't "hurt" people to get hit with it, but it DOES add up...

    That fee removes roughly 200-400k rupees per month.

    Then there's also the perk for getting 5 pages that removes it... :)
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  16. Aikar, maybe you can make the Vault charge a certain percentage of your total amount of Rupees.
  17. Haha.. I'm not sure our wealthy members (if for some reason they don't have 5 pages) would like that.
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  18. Make Faithcaster pay 30%
  19. Make Alex pay 89.7%
  20. Let's not