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  1. Was pondering an idea for an auction when I thought about minecraft mechanics.

    Why do somethings need silk touch and others don't?

    Is it fair that Ender Chests need silk touch and Furnaces don't?

    Why can crafting tables not break up into 4 planks when bookshelves break up into books?

    I want to know your thoughts on this.
  2. 6 planks to make 4 stairs. The world has gone mad!
  3. I'm not too sure about the controversy of this but I am definitely going to play ball, err: silk, because... Silk touch will always strike a soft spot with me :)

    I agree, there doesn't seem to be any consistency, and I really hope Mojang are going to address this sometime.

    Now, I don't necessarily agree with your examples (crafting table and furnace) because I could imagine that you could manage to build those in such robust ways that they won't easily budge or break. However... the crafting table example is still a good one: it could make some sense to make this "all in". So: mine something and you get the ingredients back (if applicable), silk-pick it and you get the block itself back.

    This is actually how many "tech mods" work: if you build a machinery and you mine it with a pick then it will break apart. But when you use a wrench you can "unhook" it and you get the block itself back.

    But I agree... It makes sense (I think) that you can only get Coral blocks (in 1.13) with a silk touch item. Same applies to grass blocks in 1.12 by the way.

    But if you then look at magma blocks and you know what magma actually is (basically lava on the inside with a small crust around it), then I can't help wonder why we can mine that with a regular pickaxe. In my opinion magna blocks should turn to lava after mining them, but only with a silk pick will they remain in block form.

    Now, I can come up with a wild theory regarding enderchests though...

    See: although enderchests are mostly made from obsidian they still have a fragile ender eye inside. So if you apply too much force on that it'll break apart. Hence: Silk touch is required.

    Don't take that too seriously though... I mean, with the same amount of effort I can probably come up with a somewhat good reason why a regular chest doesn't require silk pick :p
  4. I love this lol, High-key calling out Mojangs inconsistencies. :p

    I figure it has something to do with gameplay progression and they figure it was important that you would need ever complicated tools to get blocks that come later. Idk, not a game designer just a thought! Good post Ancient Tower! :)
  5. Because a book shelf is a solid object with many other objects fit inside. A crafting table is one big solid object.
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  6. This really annoys me. Why can't there be consistency? I hate breaking items then realizing I needed a silk touch pickaxe to get the block back. Jeez, there should be something - an icon in inventory, maybe - that shows that the item doesn't drop itself when broken.
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  7. To silk or not to silk - that is the question.
    Whether it's nobeler in the mind to have
    The touch of silk in a game called minecraft.
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
    and by opposing, end them. It breaks, it falls
    it falls, perchance to rewin: ay, there's the rub

    (I actually wanted to rewrite the whole soliloquy, make it explain why it is the way it is. Then I realised how long that would take...)
  8. Your dedication is inspiring

    Also I agree completely, its dumb that some things need silk touch and others dont. Its gotten to the point that i just use silk touch for everything.
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  10. I'm thinking your right.. New title and off to general minecraft cause it's not really controversial at all.

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  11. MC gods move in mysterious ways, indeed...
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