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  1. Background Info
    We all know that one person who has been griefed. We also know of people who have had it happen multiple times. Its happened in the frontier and the frontier is meant to be a nice place. The frontiers on EMC need our help.

    The Idea
    You can teleport to the frontier however you cannot leave the spawn area without agreeing to the rules. The Rules would still popup whenever you visit the frontier however by agreeing to the rules, staff can be 100% sure you "claimed" to agree to them. As well as, staff can maintain a zero tolerance policy towards griefing. Similar to when you make a user an admin of your res, you have a description paper, a yes and a no option. This would be a one time question. Once the question is asked the user can proceed into the frontier.

    If you agree, please reply saying that you support the idea. If you got suggestions, please recommend them as well.

    General Picture to Represent what I am talking about

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  3. We already have a zero tolerance policy and simply playing on emc agrees to the rules, so not really needed.
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  4. Its meant more as a way to remind / force the user to read that the rules against griefing do exist. We have a huge problem with griefing almost 2-3 times a week on smp1's frontier south.

    Not a Super Huge problem but its annoying replacing rails 2-3x a week and reporting it to staff constantly. I Honestly am almost done with upkeeping someone else's rails. I know it says "destroying creations or stealing will result in a permanent ban" however thats not enough. So prevent the users from going into the frontier without reconfirming or seeing the no-griefing message again.
  5. I think this is a fantastic idea. Would love even more confirmation that when entering the Frontier (or waste) there is a no griefing policy. Maybe even something in the 'agreement' that went into more detail as to what exactly griefing is and what is considered griefing. Can you take down an old structure half standing considered griefing? Things of that nature.
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  6. Meesa supporta.
    I have heard my friends say that part of the griefers's name is Noob. Hope that helps you with solving your griefing problem.
  7. I think its a great idea since most of the frontier grief's are from people that "didn't know they couldn't".
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  8. Problem is that kind of defense doesn't fly since they had to affirm they couldn't grief on EMC in order to finish the tutorial (would've been rubber-banded back in front of the question if they answered "Yes").
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  9. I can honestly say this month alone i've reported atleast 5 or so times of 1 place being griefed. My buddy, who may post on this later, has reported multiple people as well for griefing the same place. Its annoying and there is no real defense against it.
  10. I really support this. When you enter the frontier for the first time you have accept the agreement, otherwise you can't access the frontier until you have.
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  11. Exactly :). Though I do like Eviltoades post as well.
  12. Rebellion against Aikar! This is one of the best suggestions i have seen!
    Sorry Aikar! :)

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  13. I think this would make the victims feel good but achieve nothing if they are determined griefers or just think they can get away with it.

    A better option would be a nice big message that pops up when they break their first block outside of town and reads "Congratulations Baradar67 on breaking earth in EMC. I hope that wasn't someone's property because we've got you logged ;)".

    Edit: I started writing that as a joke but now think it's a great idea. At the end it should also read, "Here's the rule on griefing adn stealing - Don't. Ever."

    But really, developer time would be better spent working on land claims and teleporting to the outposts.


    I went on here a bit, I'll add it to the landclaims suggestions.
  14. First of all: I hate griefers just like the other guy, let there be no doubt about that. In fact, I can still remember going a little ballistic (nothing too extreme but...) when a community farm I took a liking to got griefed. As said, nothing too overboard but I sure as heck wasn't happy, at all... And thus I vented.

    But I'm actually not in favor of this suggestion. But for completely different reasons than those stated above..

    The more attention you give to griefers, the bigger platform you give them to "accomplish" (sic) things.

    No offense intended here, and please don't get me wrong here either. But ask yourself this: lets assume that Aikar does put this into effect. What exactly is stopping these "folks" from promising A and end up doing B?

    My concern is that this might actually work counter-productive. I'm worried that if you put this much attention to griefing in the Frontier then you'll only turn it into a griefers magnet. Because what would be the difference between the waste and the wild? Well, you can only enter the wild if you agree not to grief. SO.... "there must be some really good stuff in there, lets search a little harder than those 100 blocks....".

    Note that I'm not saying that we all should keep quiet about griefers. Absolutely not. /report, inform staff, take action. But I do think that we shouldn't put more attention to the problem than necessary either.
  15. This is a good idea!
  16. Are you suggesting a Terms of Use? Y'know, the thing that nobody reads?
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  17. I think this is a kind of useless idea.

    First off, I hate griefing just as much as anyone else does. It's a breaking of they rules, and it is YOUR decision if you want to get banned or not. When you first join the Empire, you agree to the rules. These rules are enforced by staff. If there is a griefer in the wild or wastes, it is only his decision to grief or not to grief and he will suffer the according punishment. As much as I agree it's good to remind people about the rules, they did agree to them the first time they came out into the Empire. It is only up to them.
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  18. I thought report had to have a username. Kind of hard to report a user for griefing when you cannot access the logs.
    The only other suggestion is an annoying popup every 5-10 minutes saying not to grief. Thats annoying and people hate that. However its 100% noticed.

    As a Joke
    Kick out all players who have not played atleast 7 days or a month. If you have less than x days than you cannot go into the wild.
  19. I've been into the wild on several occasions to find the place ttyler mentioned completely destroyed, I've spent loads of my own rupees to rebuild it (because it's powered rails getting stolen) and I've reported it every time I've seen it. I for one think that the confirmation notice is a great idea, because hopefully it would deter some people from trying to ignore the rules.
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