FreeRes Opening Ceremony!!!!

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  1. I don't wanna type too long, so I'm gonna make this quick.

    FreeRes is opening!!!! FreeRes is my plot system allowing people to build more creations on more residences. You can only claim 1 FreeRes residence. To celebrate 2015 and the FreeRes opening, the FreeRes group is putting on an event at the FreeRes party house (to get there, type /v 16970@partyhq) Well, I don't have much time until the event, so please, kindly donate at the 16970 donation station (not the 16402 donation stations) to make this event as awesome as possible. Right now I only have a chest with music discs and a jukebox. A request I'm making is dispensers and items for a drop party. Please donate before it's too late!
    You can also get to 16970 with /v +fr!!!
    Server: SMP8
    Res Number: 16970
    Building: Party House
  2. Don't you think giving people perms on your res is a little risky? :p
  3. Good point
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  4. I've hired security guards to res ban rulebreakers, so you should be fine.
  5. I've already got 2 people with FreeRes plots, and no griefing is happening.
  6. Hey is there a free res open I can claim? :p
  7. Can i has one? :eek:
  8. What if you requested subzones on this res? then it would be completly safe from griefers.
  9. there are already [suggestion] threads for subzones. I think i made one too