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  1. Ocelotawesome is starting FreeRes, the mini-res program in which plots cost rupees, not USD. Plot money can be donated to needy members if ABSOLUTELY NEEDED! If if's not, you don't get the money. EMC rules apply on FreeRes. (link:rules.emc.gs) Plots and pathways were built by Chewsy4
    and Ocelotawesome. To get a plot, comment below saying "Ocelot!" To become a FreeRes group member, PM in game OR on the awesome EMC forums! The FreeRes group owns FreeRes, and helps improve it. Flags will be given to FreeRes plot owners and FreeRes group members. More info:

    Server: SMP8
    Location: 16970
    Flags given to plot owners: container, build
    Flags given to group members: admin
    Anyway, stay awesome, EMC citizens, and have a wonderful day. ;)
  2. This not allowed... if you are getting flags for rupees...
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  3. As previously said, flags are not to be paid for. This is illegal.
  4. No, they are donations. Donations to needy players. Only if needed. If you get the flag, you get no rupees.
  5. No, they are donations! You don't get money for getting flags please!
  6. Don't get confused, you will NOT be getting rupees for flags.
  7. No, what's illegal is profiting from selling flags.
    What you're saying below is not what's illegal, the above is:
  8. You worded this weird (Getting flags = Getting money)... also
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  9. OK, then I should probably not charge.......
  10. I should probably not charge
  11. I believe giving flags out for free is okay, just not recommended. Just note that the chance you'll get griefed/stolen from is EXTREMELY high... free flags are targets for any griefer.
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  12. I don't know what to do here.......
  13. As stated above, selling flags on your residence is illegal. If you wish you may give them out and run the same project, but I would highly discourage it as the chances of being griefed are very high and the chances of staff being able to help are unfortunately low.

    Locking thread
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