FreeRes Flag System Decided!

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  1. Recently I have had a lot of trouble with the FreeRes flag system. I made FreeRes open for a short time, but only got 1 customer. Then I got into trouble about griefers and stealers. Staff could not help with this because it was my fault I let them have the flags. I went to think about the flag system, and here's my final plan.

    Here is just the basic stuff.

    Server that FreeRes is on: SMP8
    Residence that FreeRes is on: 16970

    OK, now the flag system.

    Once you've contacted me in-game wanting a plot, I will ask a few questions. DO NOT LIE ABOUT THESE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!! Lying will only increase the risk of you not getting a plot. 1 of the questions is "Have you ever been banned, muted, or kicked? If so, why?" Questions like these help me decide if you are trustworthy. The question above may seem unfortunate if you have been banned, muted, or kicked, but just because you have DOES NOT mean you will not get a plot. Kicks such as AFK kick won't even do anything at all. I don't want griefers coming in and ruining 16970. But remember, griefing or stealing results in a REPORT and RES BAN! Your plot will also be cleared. Anyway, that's about it! :D
  2. FreeRes has not opened yet! It will open on New Year's Day.
  3. I would feel very unsure about building anything worth-while on a semi-public res...
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  4. It's not technically semi-public. There is a chance that some people may not get a plot. Only griefers are rejected. Besides, once you're done building (let me know in-game when you're done) your build flag will be taken away for security reasons.