[FREE] Santa hats for your profile pic/signature!

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  1. It's back!
    Want to add some Christmas spirit to your profile picture/signature but you don't want to change the whole thing? Well, you're pretty lucky then, because I'll add a Santa hat anywhere on it for FREE!
    IT'S FREE!

    Simply reply to this thread saying whether you want the hat on your picture or your signature (or both, it's fine) and where you want it, and I'll work on it! After I'm done, I'll post the URL here and all you have to do is save the picture to your computer and change it on your profile.

    You don't need to post the picture, but if you have it in a better resolution, it helps a bit.
    If you don't like the final result, just give me a heads up and I'll try to make it better. If you don't want to use it, it's fine.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Yes, I copy pasted last year's thread, because WHY NOT?! :eek:
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  2. Oeh, awesome! Let's do this :p Could you maybe add a santa hat on the full skin, where the ugly blue arrow points to: :p

    (and could you maybe also link me the original picture, as I heard we can't get them anymore, so I'd like a copy saved to my PC :))

    Thanks, and happy Holidays and Christmas! :D
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  4. http://empireminecraft.com/data/avatars/l/11/11020.jpg?1345407416

    For future reference, just right-click your avatar and find the option that says "Open picture in new tab" :)

    EDIT: The picture on your profile page. If you try it from a post, it will just link you to your profile

    EDIT2: I would also like one. Hanging off the left ear please. Thanks! :D
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  5. One please, on the left corner of the word brothers and another one in my signature,
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  6. I'm not really sure how well this would work for my current profile picture... Do you think it would? :]
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  8. Yours will take a tad longer since it's a gif


    Cars usually don't wear hats, so dunno if it looks very good lol



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  10. Okay, I guess my last minute edit wasn't noticed :p
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  12. This one is great, but is there any way you can possibly make the hat a little bigger and have it hang off more? Thanks again :p
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  14. quak
    Both pls?
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