Free Public Stone Farm!

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What do you think about the farm?

Pretty cool! 10 vote(s) 55.6%
Its a bit of a failure.. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I love the idea, but Im not gonna use the farm! 2 vote(s) 11.1%
I love the idea, and Im gonna use the farm! 6 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. Its open now!

    I wanted to do something for the community,
    but I had no idea what.
    My brain almost exploded.
    But then, I knew what I wanted to do!

    It was time for a public stone farm!
    Need free stone?
    Mine it at /v 12226 on SMP6!

    There is also a beacon with Haste II, so no slow mining!
    Just quick and easy.

    I hope I make some people happy with this farm!

    Any questions? Just send me a PM!
  2. Nice contribution to the community!
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  3. Cool, I like the fact that you added a haste beacon. It sets it apart from other free stone gens. Thanks for the effort and keep up the good work.
  4. Thanks, I'll use it when foam's is occupied.:)
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  5. Update:

    A shop with two kind of god pickaxes is added.

    And the res is now open for use! Check it out!
  6. There goes the economy.... Just kidding, nice job
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  7. I am at the stone gen right now, and it is stone slab approved.
    • Fast generators
    • Small and big generators
    • Incredibly simple
    I will be using it a lot. :D
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  8. Last update for today:
    Added a shop where you can buy/sell 1 cobblestone/stone for 1 rupee each.

    Credits to Stonesky for this idea.
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  9. Question: Do you want this on your SMP too? If you want it..
    Please leave a comment like this:

    - Yes, my smp is [smpnumber]

    Let me know, so I can build one on another SMP!
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  10. I would love one on my SMP.

    Yes, my smp is 7.
    I can forfeit one of my residences if you want. 14142
  11. I will have a look! If more people on SMP7 wants one, we can work something out!
  12. Bumpie bump! I hope people are using the farm!:D
  13. I always enjoy seeing people whom are willing to contribute their res to the needy. It's not just to help out, but it is a sincere thing to do for others and it deserves some recognition. :D
    Cheers RaiinNL!
  14. Plz plz plz put one on smp2! Yes I want one on smp2!
  15. Just used the big stone generator to see if i'd like it.

    Well, i like it a lot. It's so nice cause it creates the stone just fast enough i didn't have to wait for it to reload.
    And on top of that i don't need to worry about a creeper surprising me from behind.

    Good job, can't wait to get back for more stone.
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  16. I put SMP2 on the list! If there are more people from smp2 wants one, I can look into it!
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  17. Good to hear that you liked it! You are always welcome to get some more stone! :D
    and about the creepers..
    Always watch your back.... Even on this res..
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  18. I'm from smp2 but i have no problem using my vaults to haul the stone from smp6.
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