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Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by Equinox_Boss, Oct 31, 2019.

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  1. I've been gone so long, apparently there is some drama happening on EMC and obv I am not important or active enough to be in/know about it (probably better that way).

    So like in the past I would like to give away about 2mill rupees, hopefully to lift peoples' spirit and to remind everyone that people are people and families aren't perfect.

    Please comment how much you would like and what you would use it on. I am hoping to give money to people who are building projects. They can be personal or communal.

    Be kind to what other people may want but I hope to honor each request.

    Feel free to spread this thread, there's plenty of money to go around.

    Also, it would be great to see how my money is being used, so feel free to send me updates with all the awesome work y'all are doing. Also if someone could update me breifly in a PM about what happened that could be nice. Thanks.

    Best, Equinox
  2. Like I want to be greedy and ask for it all because I want to go to certain casino on smp3.. lol (I just know I could double it)..

    Anyways, been a while. Have fun throwing your money at people..
  3. ^You are being very greedy indeed, haha~

    It's sad to see you go Equinox_Boss, but, I guess all good things must come to an end? I will miss seeing you on the forums, however... :(
  4. Never met you in game.

    Nice to see you doing stuff for other players :D I once gave away free stuff from my shop if you would just say something nice about someone else.... scary few the number of players who took me up on it. I was serious, too. Ah well.

    I am building a new shop on smp8. I would love to get a couple k of rupees to pay others to stock some of it for me, especially stuff from the nether and the End. I sell everything without a markup, so I make no money off the shop unless I stock it. I'm not in it for the money. But others players are here for that.

    Speaking of... I should update my signature to include smp8 ;) my newest home.
  5. Thanks Equinox for this giveaway! :)

    I have been recently making a "game" on a utopia res.
    Basically, first one to the finish line wins. You have to go through many obstacles (examples: rowing a boat through a complex water maze, racing through windy tunnels, climbing over obstacles, and make even a small horse race thing if I can pull it off). The first one who can complete the entire maze/race will earn <insert money amount here and promo amount here>.

    The money you may possibly give to me will be contributed toward this project, and will also be some of the prize money included for the winners. This is a fairly large project, and I have only just begun, but I think some great things are in store for it. It would cost a lot to make this thing, because the cost for materials would be pretty crazy. I also would want a large $ amount for the winner ;)

    To pull this off, I'd be asking for 600K+, but you can always add or subtract from the amount as you feel led.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. If you want to see the progress of this build, go to /v +race on utopia. If that doesn't work, just go to /v crossfit1223-2 on utopia. :) ;)
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  6. Hey equinox, it’s sad to see you go but I hope your doing well and I wish you the best outside of EMC.

    I have been building up a city on the corner of smp4 for quite some time now. I have 3 of the 6 planned sky scrapers finished over the 8 residences.

    You can visit by going to any of Craftrics residents four residents.

    As for monetary amounts I’d rather leave that to you. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again!
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  7. Hello, I am asking for 136,638 rupees so that my balance is an equal 1 million :D Very worthy cause, imo
    (I understand if you don't, lol)
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  8. Enough money to get 1dc of obsidian to make an gold farm for the public farms on smp9 im building
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  9. If thats ok?

    Sad to see you have left :( hope life gives you good luck and happiness
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  10. This is not a goodbye thread. :p Equinox has been 'gone', if you want to call it that, for several years. ;)

    Wait, so the first or the last? :p

    Thanks, Equinox_Boss!
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  11. Whoops. The first lol. Edited
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  12. I support degenerate activities. Have fun with some money!
    Great project! Sent some money your way. I hope it's enough I'm not sure what rupees are valued at anymore. Keep me posted!
    I love the idea! I tried doing a similar thing, but failed. Hopefully you can follow through! I sent some money your way. If you're looking for additional funding, hit me up in a few weeks. I am selling a lot of my items so hopefully will be able to up the R account soon. :)
    I love this, it's great! Check your R account. I hope it helps!
    Lol, I'd be happy to give you some money for a passion project of yours! Keep me updated.
    Not sure how much that is. I hope what I sent over helps!
    lol ikr
  13. I don't need the money but it's good to see you :)
  14. I have been building a mega-mall on smp2 for a while now. I need something like 50k for supplies to finish all the floors and everything
    Feel free to give me whatever you can it will be very very welcome
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  15. Sweet! I appreciate it. I will let you know if I need any more in the future, but I am thankful for what I got :D It will be put to good use, thats for sure!
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  16. Great to see you too!
    Done! Best of luck!
    Glad to hear it :)
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  17. what would you like to see built on emc and on which smp?
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  18. anything that you got i will take.
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  19. May I have 200k please? I'm still building up my outpost and any money for supplies is a huge help.

    Thank you for doing this! It's really kind of you to help out other EMCer's like this :)
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  20. Anything you want! It would be cool to fund a project you've been wanting to do!
    Any project you want on your mind?
    bruh ya. Good luck!
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