[Forum Game] You know you're addicted to EMC when...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SpaceShuttleFan, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. I'm sure you guys know this one.

    You build the EMC town spawn as your house in SSP.
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  2. You start drawing EMC logos in the back of your maths book :p
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  3. When your playtime for EMC is more than your sleep time.
  4. When you're contemplating studying for exams or grinding that TEXT for a while.
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  5. When you set EMC forums as one of your homepages and people start asking if you ever log off.
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  6. When you use 80GB of your plan to check empire.us....
    Or when you try and hug a creeper
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  7. You becone a mod.
    'Nuff said.
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  8. you have multiple alts all supporter rank
  9. When you become top posting member and top TEXP lifetime.
  10. When you almost have 3000 posts.
  11. when you the only sever you visit(most visited sever) is smpx.empire.us/utopia.empire.us :D
  12. When you have 1m (1000000r)
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  13. When you wake up in middle of the night just to get your daily bonus. :p
  14. When you spend 80% of your 2 week holiday on it
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  15. When you dream of landscapes you've seen in the wilderness :)
    (hopefully not Nether) ;)
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  16. When you being naming characters in drama plays after the admins.
  17. When you spend all your 3G on EMC Forums.
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  18. When you sit on emc forums whilest on a toilet...
  19. True story.
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  20. When you build a shop in SSP without thinking about it.