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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    A long while ago, in early 2014, I wanted to create this thread. I had checked if it didn't already exist and it didn't. Then, when I wanted to post it I couldn't find the time. The next day, somebody else posted it, while I hadn't told anyone about it.
    After having waited a few years, I'm going to try bring it back, as I've always enjoyed this forum game!
    And to the people who think we've got too many forum games nowadays... I'm afraid we might be running out of meaningful subjects we're allowed to talk about and haven't yet discussed before. :p
    Well, I suppose I should write down the rules now. I'm tempted to do them in story-like manner but I think people would appreciate it more if I just laid them out clearly. :p

    The main purpose:
    Write down the first word you think off when reading the latest word (it doesn't have to be one word).
    Example: I say "Dirt", Tom says "Minecraft", Tim says "EMC", Runder says "Aikar", and so on. The subject could change rapidly.
    February 2018: You are not limited to words. Pictures, videos, or whatever you think will fit is also fine if it represents your association better than a word.
    • Try to not insult people.
    Example: if the most recent word is "Christians", don't stay "Stupid". If the most recent word is "Gay pride", don't say "Sin". It might make sense to you, but if it'd hurt other people, think of something else or skip a turn.
    • Don't use words that might not be allowed on EMC.
    No swearing, and no terms related to drugs, sex... If you're not sure if the word you thought of is acceptable, skip a turn or think of another word.
    • Try to skip words that you recall being used before recently.
    If you join in later, that's no problem, you can say whatever you want. But we don't want to keep repeating the same sequence.
    • Rule added May 2017: please don't post more than two posts within 15 minutes. This so that the game's speed won't escalate. If somebody accidentally violates this: let them be. But if somebody obviously ignores the rule, you can point them towards it.
    Clarifications added July 2018:
    • If you're posting things besides the actual association, post them in a different colour. Try your best to not let text in another colour written by other members influence your association.
    • Try to take only the single most recent association to base your association on. If you notice that another recent association in this thread greatly influences your current association, please refrain from posting it.

    Phew, I almost posted the thread without a word to start with. :p

  2. The Netherlands

    Question about the rules:
    How long should you wait to post again?
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  3. Jeremy clarkson, don't ask :p
  4. I don't know, really. Use your own judgement. :p For the purpose of the game, it doesn't matter all too much, I think. In fact, in the old game, I replied to my own post with my alt in at least one instance. :p

    A person.
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  5. An Animal
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  6. Cavia's (=Guinea Pigs)

    Also: :o you used me in the example! :D
  7. Hamster.
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  8. Car.
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  9. Hot
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  10. Chili.

    (my first association went somewhere else, but it was a bit risky as it might make people associate with EMC in-appropriate terms :p)
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  11. tacos
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  12. Stuff I've never eaten :p
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  13. Pistachio.
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  14. Ugh, I don't want this to die after less than 10 pages... :p
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  15. Amarena (cherry)
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  16. Milkshake! ^.^
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