[FORUM GAME] Rate the Meme above you.

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  1. Ah yes, the normies of EMC, the cringe lords of EMC, and the people who think spamming dank meme over and over again is funny have finally pitted in the civilized rating and review of memes. Just to note, this isn't meme review *clap*, this is MEME RATE, ok? Subtitles: *Claps*

    As always, before you upload your worst memes, because I personally have seen #memes of the emc discord and I can personally say that yall memes need a bit of seasoning, here are the rules.
    1. No memes about sexism, racism, anti-religion, politics (some minor ones are ok, just don't push your political agenda on here), and innapropiate content.
    2. Since memes are memes, very mild cases of "rudeness" such as anti-vax memes are allowed, just not to the point where it is blatantly obvious that you're attacking someone or trying to be an edge-lord.
    3. Post funny stuff. Pictures of cats with 2011 style meme formats are not funny. Seriously.
    4. If you post memes with the block 2011 meme text format, you will be sent to die with the other memes.
    5. Don't be rude, mild criticism only.
    All you must do is rate the meme above you, and then post your own meme that you found, of course, I expect 99.9% of these to be unfunny, but go ahead.

    As far as rating goes, there doesn't need to be a specific 0/10 or 0/5 rating system, it could be 1/420 or 12/69, just be creative.
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  2. 3/5.
    Oh crap I need my own meme
    Oh no
  3. 0/10 - no meme

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  4. 3/5, Soviet Union did all the really hard stuff.
    Youtube Comments:
    *Communist Jokes aren't funny until EVERYONE gets them!
  5. 0/1 million + 1
    You're suppose to post an image meme, but I guess it was okay, so i give your rating a 1/1 million + 1 i guess
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  6. Text is unfunny 0/6,000,000
  7. 10/10 true lol

    Heres a better one:

    You all know this is me :p
  8. 10/10 I loved Fairly Odd Parents

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  9. 8/10 for sure

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  10. 3/10

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  11. 6/you should of rated mine higher maybe

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  12. 5.8/9.4
    does this count
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  13. UNDEFINED/10
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  14. 1/10 only slightly funny to people who know a little bit about modern militaries

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  15. 1/10 the Vietnam war means nothing to everyone outside of the US and Vietnam.

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  16. 0/10 ???
  17. 110/100
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