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  1. For this forum game, my first one, all you have to do is solve my equation and write one of your own so the next one can solve it. (Please don't make it complex like writing this equation 35787 is the square root of what and others like this, Keep it simple)
    so, ill start what is 9+10 :)
  2. 19
    (π * 142^7)*(54*2*X)*0
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  3. There is no way to solve a variable equation if we are unaware of the desired result from the equation. I presume you mean solve for x?

    Edit: obviously x could be anything though as the equation is a bit loaded :p
  4. I guess he justs wants us to give the total. It is 0 for any x.

    341 * 5 = 1705

    Determine the second order partial derivatives of f(x,y) = x³+x²y³ - 2y²
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  5. There is a *0 so the answer is 0, no matter what x is.
    And to answer yours, = 1705

    Now for my equation:

    sum [(4/5)^n], n=0 to infinity

    Is this right? f(2,0)(x,y) = 6x + 2y^3
    That's only the second order for both x's, so I'm probably missing something.
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  6. Infinity!
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  7. i

    F(x) = x^2 + 4x + 6
    Find the resultant expression (difference quotient):
    (F(x+h)- f(x))/h
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  8. It is not infinity, try again ;)
    2x + 4

    My problem still stands to be solved: sum [(4/5)^n], n=0 to infinity
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  9. How is it not infinity? :confused:
    Also, n^0=1.
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  10. I think you all completely missed the op
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  11. Simple is a relative term :D

    The numbers being added together get smaller and smaller as you go along, so the total sum approaches a single particular number.
    for a way to solve it Google "geometric series" and it should give you the equation for it. :)
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  12. Did OP not ask to keep it simple lol
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  13. Have you met EMC? ;)
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  14. This is simple: 6!
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  15. But... there is no equation so 6 I guess,
    What is the square root of 666? Yea I kept it very simple as I want to abide to the op :)
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  16. 3√74

    6! = 6*5*4*3*2*1
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  17. Pft, I want decimals.
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  18. Good enough? :l
  19. 5/(10+x) + 5 = 0

    Solve for x =P
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  20. Anyway, the answer to mine is 5.

    1/(1-(4/5)) = 5
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