[FORUM GAME] Make up a status for the person above you.

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  1. Premise of the game is simple, if you scroll down on the home page and see "statuses" you will see what many people are thinking and are like.

    I've gained traction and information on what people usually say, and I thought we could recognize that and have fun with making status posts for people.

    Just make it as close and you can to what you would predict the person would say, judging you have read their status posts. Also, please no spamming the same ideas, aka everyone mentioning foxes as Foxy_Kitty's status.

    Just post a made up status of what the person ABOVE you is most likely to write!

    I'll go first.

    Otus_Nigrum: chikin

    okay, your turn.
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  2. "Don't forget to join Season 8 of EMC Hunger Games!"
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  3. "Imagine a world without alt right leaders in the British parliament, that's a world we are never going to achieve with Brexit."
  4. Who could imagine a world without music? I can't.
  5. Expanded my vault today! :D
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  6. "Season 4 wallpapers coming soon!"
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  7. "cofflewaffee :)"
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  8. "Did someone say Eggo?"
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  9. Potatoes are people. Not FOOD!!
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  10. That's funny, I was looking at this a few hours earlier and was considering replying, but I figured that you'd rather let it be forgotten. :p (which is very possible now that you can't list someone's threads)
    I feel like this game is too hard. Especially as it is a lot harder to think of multiple things for a person than it is to think of one thing.
  11. Just went to the bowling alley today with my friend James! :) Was super fun, we haven't talked in a while and I think it really bonded us!
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  12. I wanna rock and roll all night!!! And play EMC everyday. ;)
  13. I was thinking it'd be something like that, nice. :D

    Happy skele day!
    It's so difficult...
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  14. Piwis, Piwis, and so much more Piwis :p
  15. *insert garbage skeleton pun*
  16. Song of the day: *insert any song ever here*
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  17. Squids. Squids? SQUIDS!
  18. a cross between big chungis and rabbit
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