[FORUM GAME]King Of The Hill V.2

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Are you king of the hill?

Yes, I have conquered this mountain! 12 vote(s) 85.7%
No, I have yet to climbed this hill! 2 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. How the game works:

    So basically how this game works is that you have to take over the hill. You explain how you get the previous king off the hill (be creative, don't just post "I walked up there and pushed them off")

    I'll start

    I climbed the mountain, I am king of the hill!

    1. Try not to double post
    2. The hill cannot be destroyed.
    3. There a spell in the game that cannot be undone. Nobody can die!

    Based on S
    kyDragonv8's old one which is now inactive
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  3. I tame a momentus and he gives me a giant piston, which pushes the mountain to the side, causing a avalanche and you to get hit by a rock, which u then ride like a pioneer so you will not get killed
    I am the king now. Give me all your stuff.
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  4. Joke's on you.
    I wasn't king long enough to have any stuff.
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  5. there is one thing... *decapitates*
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  6. I use an avalaucher and knock you off, I am king of the hill
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  7. I call upon the four winds to blow you off the hill and then fly to the top with my Angel Ring. I am king of the hill.
  8. I will summon my skeleton minions and stab you in the back, as your lifeless body falls to the ground. :p I am king of the hill.
  9. You cannot kill anyone so your attack fails. In your confusion, you hurt yourself and fall off the hill.
  10. I did use my old way, with cookies on the road, when you were asleep (or when there was somebodey else on the Hill that PERSON (Ididn't look very Well) and hen you wake you say the cookies and took them one by one walking from the Hill, when you was away I did build a bunker on it, so you couldn't get me away Without a tric

    I'm king of the Hill now :D
  11. I use the Mystical Box Yugioh card to teleport you out of the bunker and then skewer you with swords while it also teleports me into the bunker. I am now king of the bunker.
  12. But, you forgot to remove the Mystical Box Yugioh card, so I teleported you AND the bunker in to a cave then I walked up to the Hill Like nothing happend, after that I made an huge Pinguin army underneath the hill inside a new bunker,

    I'm king of the hill again :D
  13. I make a snowman army and we charge full force at your army.

    I am now king of the kill.

    EDIT: The penguin did nothing.... they just stood there...
  14. I tried to become king of the hill again, but cause I blame my pinguïns for not helping me they helped you

    I'm still not king of the hill :(
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  15. I scampered up there and assaulted them off.
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  16. I am dying oml XD
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  18. I got my fat man. Shot you with 10 mini nukes. Got omega prime to protect me. Now i will be the king of this hill.
  19. I broke the rules and broke the hill. You fell into nothing. I fixed the hill. I am the king of the hill.
  20. You walk into some shrubs on the hill.
    A wild Ethy202 appears! Ethy202 used Fus Roh Dah! You flew off the hill! You lost the battle...
    I am now King of the hill!