[FORUM GAME] How you picked your name

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  1. My name was just random XD
  2. i love ICECOFFEE!
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  3. OMG!!! ME TOO!!!
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  4. Mine is from a few different things. Feb 2007 I made a friend on IMVU who is a furry. He told me about fursuits and furaffinity.net and I was interested and ended up choosing a panda because I love Pandas and that is my nickname when people can't remember my first name. Then because everyone I've always talked to says I seem sweet and cuddly and most furries have odd colorings to their fursonas and my favorite is blue, I started using cuddlybluepanda for everything. My emails and xbox are still this because I just can't be fudged to get new ones.

    Fast forward to everyone using names like iPwnNoobs, iEatBunnies and other cutesy little names etc. I decided to change it and because we only had Ramen for a while it became PandasEatRamen. I made my minecraft account then found out you had to buy the game and then was like EFF THAT. I then found out some girl on Twitter has PandasEatRamen as her name so I changed it to PandasEatPancakes because I had a thing for Pancakes at one point.
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  5. Mine is very complex Its my last name and numbers were my Football numbers mainly 52 was
  6. My name is Hayden and my brothers name is James.
    We share accounts. My mom said we should combine our names together to forum and Minecraft name.
    I said we should use the 3 first letters of our names to creat our Minecraft username.
    And from that day on we have used.
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  7. Ive played Lego universe. I had this screen name too.
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  8. i made up my name because i like the time of exactly midnight and i like the mad hatter and his weird antics
  9. I like Penguins. My initials are DJ.
  10. Didn't we already have this thread?

    Anyways one day my friends and I were all going to an amusement park. We decided to stop at McDonalds for breakfast. So, when it came time for me to order I said 6 hashbrowns. They laughed, took my order, and the name just stuck. I was born in 1998, on the same day as Alex Trebek. Hash98 . There yah go :)
  11. I thought there might have been a thread like this, but when I searched I couldnt find anything.
  12. I think there was, but it may have been locked/removed or something.
  13. cool
  14. When I first started looking at minecraft videos on Youtube, I saw all the mobs and learned what they are called and what they do, so about a week later, I bought a mc account and set the username as creeper, I then added a few random numbers, (3846) and bam
  15. About ~6 years ago I read the Frohman comics as they were being published; if you haven't heard of the series, read it, providing you have a sense of humour and you have played Half Life 2. At the time I was somewhat obsessed with the Foo Fighters. I combined the two, and thus, Foohman.
    I literally use Foohman for everything.

    I am sadly not obsessed with the Foo Fighters. Frankly, they're awful now.
  16. I used to have a thread like this :(

    Continue. I don't really care . . .

    Creppa was on purpose. Ninga was not. 235 is the 6th number in the Greek ancient letter, so I picked those letters.
  17. :eek: Lego... I love lego...
    <- Profile pic
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  18. Ive choosed Gabstar2012 because Gab its abreviation of my name star because I love astronomy and 2012 because ive created my minecraft acount on 2012
  19. I originally wanted to be GeorgeWashington, but I couldn't so I became another person from the time, the King of England