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  1. This forum game is just about what its name says. How you picked your name. Ill start.

    When I picked the name for my Minecraft guy, I was originally planning to make it Captain_Engineer. When I finally bought Minecraft, I forgot what I wanted to name it. I knew I had an idea for a name but no matter how hard I tried, I couldnt remember what it was. At the time, I didnt care about using capital letters either. Since I couldnt remember what my planned Minecraft name was, I just used my Lego.com username.
  2. I ran into a shop, grabbed as many chips as I could, and read the ingredents. Lol jk :D
  3. I know your joking, but how did it make you choose your name?
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  4. i was born in 1998 and like to golf
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  5. First Account: (WCG_Elite) ... me and my friends were top players on xbox - me in particular was call of duty ... for instance on black ops I stayed top 300 for few months straight till i stopped playing on regular search, hardcore search, and team deathmatch ... since me and two of my friends previously owned a clan called 2pac and we never lost a single game when playing together on modern warfare two and other call of duties (even against mlg - i beat all of the ones that challenged me) ... i decided to start my own clan ... and so i started World Class Gaming (free organization for the best of the best) ...and made my gamertag WCG_Elite ... and later shut it down - cause the stress was getting to me and while i was playing the tournaments to relieve some stress i played some minecraft - and my first name was therefor WCG_Elite

    Second Account: (Bi Swag) ... me and my friends thought swag was a cool name - so we all got a name with swag on the end - Bi meaning i'm bi - swag meaning i have swag :p ... therefore 'Bi Swag'

    Third Account: (eklektoi) ... I am very proficient in over 8 languages .... the only language I wasn't fully familiar with was greek ... and i thought it would be cool to have a greek name - so i studied for a week on the greek keyboard, alphabet, pronunciation, and origins .... after awhile i decided this is my name ' εκλεκτοί ' (pronunciation: eck - leck - toy (say it fast ck sound is almost like a silent gh)) ... but since minecraft wouldn't let me use non-english accents or symbols or letters ... i had to interpret it ... so eklektoi. (noun: meaning 'elite')
  6. I had used the name southpark348 for many years across a lot of games so then I retired it and made the user name 1 less count to 347 .
  7. Your avatar looks like Link from the Legend of Zelda. Is that related to your name in any way?
    (Comment for Eklektoi)
  8. take a guess how i came up with mine :rolleyes:
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  9. Its your Real Life name?
  10. first guess, best guess. this means yes.
  11. Ah, this story...

    My fetish of TF2 was still flaming on strong. I was using RED_Spy for everything! RED (my favorite team) and Spy (my favorite class). So when I got Minecraft, I naturally typed RED_Spy. Name was taken. I put a 1 on the end. It worked.
  12. and your steam might be???? :p
  13. RED_Spy5. XD
  14. I have TF2. I got it free with Garrys Mod. Ive never played it though.
  15. Continuing on to my name, when I made jay2a on Lego.com, it was actually my second account. Jay1a was my first. I havent registered as a Minecraft account, because I already had another plan for a name. I couldnt remember what it was though.
  16. I see what you did there... with the friend request.
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  17. my username was actualy started when i began playing some old online game Lego Universe as i saw a bottle cap i used that username for that then i also used it in armor games account then i also used it in minecraft (don't think the Lego universe game is still usable it was taken down due to the low number of people that bought the membership but it was fun)
  18. now that you see, will you accept it? xD
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  19. On the yogscast forums there was someone who was cdrtrufflehunter, I liked it and over time got to the_elite_trufflehunter, but then Realized minecraft has a letter cap... My name hits it as is.....
  20. This semi relates to my orientation (not my name) ... i just thought he looked cute (^-^;
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