[FORUM GAME] How you picked your name

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  1. This was my username from lego.com
  2. So you want to know how I got my username?

    It's a secret.
  3. i got mine a few years ago, every one of my friends usually calls me Meghs, and i'm obsessed with batman. clearly. if no one can tell then maybe you should get to know me more ^.^

    anyway, i used to have EVERYTHING batmeghs.. with just one t.
    one day, i wanted to switch my email providers from yahoo, to gmail. because clearly, yahoo sucks anymore, its kind of like, internet explorer... where, you can't explore because its soooooo slow.


    so, when i made gmail, i typed two t's instead of one, and then when i found my mistake.. or maybe it even was not a mistake? i don't know anymore, maybe i just liked the two t's better?... but i ended up liking it better than batmeghs. because it actually does look better as battmeghs, and i don't know why. buuuut, i ended up wanting everything to match, so, that is how that worked out. so now, skype/aim/email/facebook/twitter .... anything with a user name, its battmeghs. hahahaha

    ^.^ yay!
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  4. My IGN comes from a nickname that I got this year (Jimbo) (FYI it was self assigned)
    The Nothing comes from my old saying "that's Jimbo and nothing else to you!".
    I chose Jimbo nothing else for my game centre account then abreaveated it to Jimbo nothing.
    As for 64 it's a number that sticks in my head :D!
  5. Oh I remember.... I was like 8-9 and I went to Build-A-Bear ( I still have them :) ).
    I went to Build-A-Bear online and made a account, the first username I tried didn't work so, I tried something else, that didn't work, and then they gave me Zoebearfun105, and it stuck :D
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  6. That's so cute
  7. Haha, well yeah....
  8. My last name is Moya, and I'ma boy, and in elementary school my gym coach called me moyaboya, so I've used that username for everything every since
  9. What is that
  10. i got my ign from my dad he is a fan of this guy named jimmy buffet and he used that for about everything and it thought i would use it for one of my accounts a long time ago and it stuck so now i so it
  11. Its a place, where you uh build a bear, But you can make other fuzzy animals, too.
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  12. That's what happened. I swear by it.
  13. Oh :)
  14. I was on this other internet game, and we were creating a roleplay. I wanted to have a name other than my user, and at the time I was obsessed with the Inheritance cycle. Katrina just stuck with me and still I think it an epic name. I have NO idea how I came up with Linden (recently I found out it's a type of tree, but I'm sure that's not where it came from), but she was an extra character in the roleplay- my deceased mother. So I was called Katrina Lindendaughter. When I made my MC avatar, I had started using Katrina for everything, but that was taken. Didn't want to have a huge name, so Katrina_Linden it was.
  15. Well. For a start i have a scar accross my left eye (can still see though) yah painful. And i like ninjas. But to be fair doesnt everyone?
  16. I don't really *prepares for onslaught of ninjas*
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  17. Attack!
  18. *pulls out sword and ninjas back down, then realise my sword is wooden*
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  19. XD Calm your roleplaying instincts, Katrina, it's only a giant horde of ninjas seeking to slit your throat I MEAN UH NOTHING

    But anyways, I got my nickname because, to be honest, I'm probably a complete nerd. The ninja part comes from me being fascinated with ninjas (seeing I live in Japan and all :p), and I've been unnaturally thin all my life so I can "ninja" up trees or fences, things like that.