The Name Thread!

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Are you going to share how you got your name to the community?

Yeah 26 vote(s) 83.9%
No 6 vote(s) 19.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. At first, I see some names in EMC that makes me wonder "Hmmm... Wonder how did they got that brilliant name?" Well, I'm hosting the first and annual Name thread! Tell us how did you got your name for EMC.

    - If you were inspired by your real name, just say that. Don't tell your real name!

    I'll think about new rules!:D
  2. I Love CoFfEe :D
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  3. And... The bullet? o.-
  4. well i had a picture in my head and there was a bullet made of coffee and it was shot @ someone which gave super energy :D
  5. I'm inspired my real name and MC is Minecraft
    the last "1" is because I planned to get another acc so I can name it with "2" at the end.

    But I when I got the second acc I named it Hero_Brine_MC instead :) (And it got a herobrine skin :D)
    Because I thought it would be funny to be herobrine and go say "BOO!!" lol :D
  6. Mine was a mistype of the word Sneaker. And the rest if history. :p
  7. Lol, use Google translator :p
  8. So it means a funny story :confused:
  9. Yes, find in it the meaning that you want :)
  10. I'd say joke XD
  11. We need more people in this thread
  12. Yup....
  13. Bump
  14. Bob The Tomato.... It is not that hard.
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  15. Ik XD
  16. And what about 97 98?
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  17. They are numbers....
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  18. I see... Interesting.
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