[FORUM GAME] Family Feud

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I recently signed up on a different forum (don't worry EMC, you'll always be my primary forum <3) and found out about an interesting game. Family Feud. I had never heard about it before, but participated in a couple of rounds, and it was lots of fun. I Googled it, and it turns out to be an American television show.
    I decided it would be cool to host a similar game on EMC, and that's what I'm starting up right now.

    The rules:
    Every round consists of a number of questions. You give an answer to them. But here comes the interesting part.
    Your score is determined by: (number of people who said your answer/number of people who said the most said answer). So you shouldn't try to say what you think is the best answer, but rather what you think is going to be the most popular answer.
    So, an example:
    "4. Name an internet browser."
    Now people will send their answers to that question, via pm, to me.
    This is an example of what the results could be (the names are just examples, please don't make a fuss about this :rolleyes:):
    "1: Google Chrome (hashhog3000, 72Volt, Jelle68, meerkatman1)
    0.75: Mozilla Firefox (chickeneer, krysyyjane9191, FDNY21)
    0.5: Internet Explorer (BabyCreepersRule, ShelLuser)
    0.25: Safari (nfell2009)
    0.25: Opera (boozle268)"
    So ShelLuser gets 0.5 added to his point total.

    Those are the basics, basically. Quite simple, huh?

    Of course you're not allowed to post on this thread about the questions, before the round is over. Of course you're also not allowed to talk with other people from EMC about these questions before the round is over. The host (the one who made up the questions) won't be able to join.
    I think the first few rounds will be hosted by me, but people who'd want to, can pm me if they want to be the host for a round.
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  2. I'd never use internet explorer :eek: Unless I'm being a spy for the other browsers :p
    The game's really fun (we have it on TV in Australia), so I think I'll be entering some time :)
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  3. I knew that was going to happen, even though I said not to make a fuss about it xD
  4. Aha, I was just kidding :)
  5. just to enoy you,
    I'm Always using internet exporer not google chrome :D
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  6. Bring up my post! :)
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  7. We need at least one more person to get this going! :)
  8. me? i like using google
  9. for Google EMC Posting XP

    EDIT 1:btw was that reall kool or cool?
  10. We've got five people now, so this round will definitely finish!
    To make another round happen, though, I want to try to get a minimum of 10 people, to make it more fun!
    Join, people! :)
  11. This looks fun! I've seen a couple episodes of Family Feud in my lifetime, but I think I'll prefer the EMC version. ;)
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  12. Bring up my post, once again! :)
  13. Bump, I'd like a few more people joining before I start planning round 2! :)
  14. Joining.
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  15. When we get one more person, the answers will most likely be tallied and published within 48 hours of that person submitting!
  16. ill join it seems cool


    fin: whatter wat eves
    Jake: its adventure time!
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  17. I'm in! According to the opening post I already got 0.5 points without doing anything so who knows what could happen ;)
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