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    I was playing Left For Dead 2, Dead Center Campaign, and I thought about
    playing a similar thing in GMod where we had a more "sandbox" ability to play. However even
    then it wasn't very good so why not make a Forum Game for it on EMC? So here I am
    doing it! :p

    While this isn't the "normal" RPG it is a sandbox zombie survival game.
    This will be done in teams of three. So if you and a friend want to play on the same team, you
    need to sign up at about the same time. Basically act like it's a normal RPG with a few rules.

    No Metagaming
    All OCC talk must be done ((like this))
    Please keep swearing to a minimal
    Keep the to Commandments
    My word is Final
    Put "Sandbox" somewhere in your App to show you read the rules.
    The only person who may overrule me is any non-participating Staff Member.

    This is a serious RP, please treat it as such.
    You may not leave the mall.
    All Military Orders need to be simple and not OP
    When you die, you die! You have to start over!
    No killing another character without their permission (or mine).
    How to Play:

    You and your "team" are in a mall infested with zombies. You start in one small shop

    (Choosen by me) and must branch out to others to survive.
    You will encounter other survivors (teams and
    NPCs (Controlled by me)). You may choose to band with, ignore, or kill these survivors (or at least try to). Your ultimate goal is to turn the mall into an impregnable zombie fortress and survive the onslaught from the hoards.* There is a radio that each group will start with that
    is slightly broken. This radio is one way to the nearby military outpost.
    They are unable to get you but can make small to medium drops every day close to you.
    Because of the radio's slight malfunction, certain items may be garbled up or not delivered
    at all.

    Team Formation:

    Teams will be formed in the order that players sign up. As in
    the first three players that sign up will be put on to a team and so forth.
    You can start by yourself, but will have two "mystery" characters that will be filled in by
    players as they join.


    Age (13-99):
    Appearance (A picture will suffice):
    Skills (Max of 3):
    Weaknesses (Min of 1):
    Starting Weapon:
    Anything else you would like to tell us about your character?:

    *If you win that means I capitulate to your survival skills. I will then create another thread in game form for that RP about what would happen afterwards.
  2. Bring Up My Post!
  3. Why is there an age requirement. There are members of EMC who are younger than 13.
  4. Character Age requirement.
  5. Anyone want to join?
  6. I guess i'll join:
    Name: Lee Hoax
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male
    Skills: intelligent, stealthy, and a good leader
    Weaknesses: Is a drug addict, and must either find a cure to stop his addiction OR get a daily dose of nicotine
    Starting weapon: Crossbow and small hunting knife
    Anything else?: This character saw his wife and children get eaten alive, so he is VERY prone to get ill due to blood or gore. SANDBOX
  7. Name: Tom
    Age (13-99): 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (A picture will suffice): Red Hat, Pale Skin, Striped Red Shirt (A Little Torn) and Torn Jeans
    Skills (Max of 3): Stealth and Sniping
    Weaknesses (Min of 1): Heavy Guns, and Tight Spaces
    Starting Weapon: Katana
    Anything else you would like to tell us about your character?: Well, he's smart and can re-wire things, but I don't know where that would come in handy

  8. Accepted, you start in a sporting goods store.
  9. Accepted, you are with jtc and a mystery player ATM.
  10. Tom saw a zombie at the window and didn't know what to do, so I threw my Katana at the window, I said "Wow, why did I do that."
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  11. Lee goes over to Tom and smacks him, asking him what was he thinking?????
    Lee then proceeds to shoot the infected with his crossbow, and retreives the bolt.
  12. ((Hahaha)) Your move of breaking glass attracts a few nearby zombies.
  13. Lee runs inside, tells Tom to get his act toghter, and pushes a shelf up against the windows, blocking them. He then grabs his crossbow, and takes position behind the shelves, ready to attack.
  14. A few infected begin slapping their arms uselessly against the barricade. One however moves towards the door and begins to open it.
  15. Lee takes his hunting knife, and stabs the infected in the eye, killing it.
    He is not injured, which suprises him.
  16. The infected shambles forwards a few steps before collapsing into some shelves, which make even more noise.
  17. Lee, cursing under his breath, tells Tom that she shop is too dangerous, and they must move on. He manages to grab a baseball bat, a few cans of food and a few bottles of water, his backpack, and a pack of cigarettes before moving out the back door with Tom.
    After wandering around for half an hour, they stumble across a supermarket, and deicide to make camp there.
  18. The supermarket seems to have more than a few Zombies in there...
  19. Lee grabs an empty glass bottle, and throws it away from the supermarket. Most of the infected shamble off, but a few are left. Using his stealth skill, Lee executes the remaining infected, and commands Tom to help him barricade the Market.
  20. ((Please check my edited post of the App))
    After the shop is barricaded, Tom falls asleep on a mat, and Lee decides that he should also get some sleep. After making sure all the baricades are secure, and that there are no infected in the supermarker, he shuts off the lights, and goes to sleep.
    ((Also, no life-or-death situations while I am asleep irl. That would not be fair :p))