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  1. On Friday at 10am EMC time, I will be flying some people out to the border via slimestone. I plan to take a maximum of 20, please PM me if you would like to join us :p Please do not bring valueables as it is a test run. Location will be sent nearer to the event to prevent problems
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  2. Oooh!
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  3. Sounds cool, I should be able to come. :)
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  4. Would love to see video of this if you can!
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  5. Sounds really cool, I will try to come
  6. Wish I could :( school is sooooo fun, but I'd like to see a video of it if someone will record? Please and thanks a ton!
  7. Hopefully the machine as at least one stone slab on it. I'm in!
  8. We'll put it at the front sky ;)
  9. Haha, I'll probably be there, sounds cool!
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  10. Which smp should it be on?
  11. Could be anything for me, really. Preferably not smp3, though.
  12. For me, anything non smp2 and smp3 is fine. :)
  13. 47 minutes to go.
    The machinery:
  14. Now boarding
  15. lol, oops, kinda forgot about this :p hopefully it can go another time, haha
  16. where is it at?
  17. We are currently flying :D After a few mishaps on my behalf
  18. dang I want to come and record
  19. We sent 4 people in aircraft #1. I fell after a short flight and then boarded aircraft #2 with WayneKramer. He fell upon take off and landed safely on the netting below. I, the creator, experienced karma and fell to my death the second time. Me and wayne then boarded #3 which he fell off at take off once more and I stayed on for a minute until, I once more plummeted to my death #Karma