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  1. Foreword: I can't ratify this as official, as it is not in my power to do so. Just read this like you'd read it if I was some random person. You probably already do that, but I want to be clear.

    I'm seeing way too many flame wars on EMC these days. Whether they be over religion, politics, or somebody's personal posting preferences, they need to stop. If you spend all your time hating things, you can't be happy. Now, what is the primary source of flame wars?

    Controversial threads.

    Controversial threads confuse me to no end. People go into them assuming nothing bad will happen, and then someone just thinks "You know what's a good idea?!? Insulting someone else's beliefs!" Or maybe they just post their own beliefs, in some non-hostile way. Naturally, this erupts into a flame war over some nonsensical point that cannot be proven for either side, and somehow the OP is just sitting there wondering "how did this happen!?"

    Twitch put it best, oh so many months ago, when he explained that most wars in history are started over two things: Religion and Politics.

    Oh, yeah, they only caused nearly every war ever, let's go talk about them on the anonymous internet! It's no wonder there is so much hatred brewing on these forums. It's even apparent in this post, which is pretty hypocritical of me. I don't hate instigators, really, but they could do with a book being thrown at them.

    I love EMC, probably too much, and I love the community even more. I don't want to see people spouting anger and hatred when these situations can be easily avoided. These are your personal beliefs you're sharing, and they're just that: Personal. If you keep them to yourself, the world won't end.

    While this post is not directed towards any specific person, if you're an instigator, you'd better know it, or else there's a lot less hope for a more cohesive community. Like I said, EMC is important to me, and when you go around making people upset (whether intentionally or otherwise) I take it personally.

    Hopefully, some day, we'll be able to go a long while without starting massive flame wars, just like we used to. EMC was not always so volatile, so I know it is possible to look for a better future. I don't care too much if this post helps to further that goal, but it's something I needed to do, and so I have done it.
  2. Yeah. Flame wars are happening too much. It's sad. I remember when I was a newbie, the forums were a much nicer place then, though we still have some very good members.
  3. Indeed >.>
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  4. I try my best not to fan those flames.....i do not always do that too well.....but i will try to not argue with people in the future :D
    So yeah.
    No more fighting for me.
    Just lots and lots and lots of Doctor Who and MLP Gif's
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  5. Flame wars are one of my pet peeves. I find it my duty to walk into the middle of the battlefield and tell everybody to shut up. To varying degrees of failure.
  6. I try to do that too.
    But then i end up getting sucked in.......
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  7. It only takes a spark to start a fire.
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  8. Thank you Crazy for making this. I have seen last month or so those threads popping up and causing the community to argue and be hateful towards each other. I think just need to keep it personal or go to a different forum who encourages that type of behavior.
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  9. Great thread Crazy.

    I'd like to add some things, too; If you do want to involve yourself in a "controversial" thread after it has already been made, state what you want to say, do not hate on anything and DISCUSS - DON'T ARGUE. If you don't un-watch that thread when someone makes an attempt to discourage (not disagree with) your beliefs after you posted, I'm sorry but I can't feel sorry for you if something said after you posted offends you or something you replied with gets you punished. Just click that report button and un-watch the thread.

    Also, something else that bugs me occasionally when I go through the Moderator Application thread. I said this there:
    As ignoramoose said too, I'd rather see someone that asked for their application to be accepted be a moderator instead of the person that instantly jumped on and verbally attacked him/her.
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  10. *Applause*
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  11. I believe we should be able to speak our mind on any matter, sensitive or not, we just need to tolerate the viewpoints of others and not be hateful.
  12. I've had the experience of having a flame war on one of my threads once, although i can't quite remember what thread it was. I remember waking up to see a massive argument several pages long locked by staff, and i was like 'dafuq?'. I then read through it all to see it was just one person who set it all off.
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  13. We had an argument thread that went very well I think. There have been others that have digressed a bit more.

    The EMC forums are here primarily for the game, it is true, but I think it is great that it is also a place for meeting of the minds.

    Yes, this can result in the occasional flame war, but I honestly think for the most part, the heated discussions we have had in the past month have not really devolved into the out and out flame wars of memory.

    I do think very strongly that any such convervations should be held in the Miscellaneous section of the forum.
  14. So I know this wasn't exactly targeted at one person, but I would just like to step up and apologize for going off on people twice that I can remember lately. Basically I was taught to treat others how you want to be treated and to always follow the rules. I usually try to follow that online as well, it's probably the reason people have told me that I am too nice and the reason so many people on here are such jerks to me, because I always remind people of the rules.

    I can't stand it when people think they are above everyone and have to break the rules, which can have consequences for all or are negative because it makes everyone feel bad. Instead of posting rude and hateful comments making fun of people, keep them to yourself, instead of picking on people for their spelling mistakes, realize that not everyone is the same. It just gets under my skin when people find it hilarious to make fun of someone for how they look, spell, orientation, beliefs etc.
  15. Like curundu said, although this is a primarily for EMC and minecraft, I like seeing people express their views in a non flame way. I would say about 20-30% of the forums content are irrelevant to minecraft (I'm not saying that is bad)
  16. I also found it odd that the thread designed to cause arguments remained mostly civilized.
  17. If you use the rules of logic, arguments do not have to be all hot and bothered. Either you agree with the premises, or you don't. Or you point out where their agument is illogical according to the rules of logic.
  18. The sad thing is, i had a homework assignment about flame wars and I wrote my report on emc forums :(. After writing the report all i could think was "what the floop happen to our forums!". When i first started I hardly ever found a flame war but in the past couple of weeks its like alien vs predator here. I wish we could all get along and accept each other and if someone did post their views people didn't go ape on them for it.
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  19. I agree with you on the politics part, this is how the first flame war on EMC happened.
    And I bet no one here remembers it! (except me and Hash)
    its sad how flame wars sprout up in almost every thread it just ruins it for me