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  1. Yesterday I purchased my first car [yay]! A 2009 Toyota Corolla with only 41k miles :D. What was your first car? What age did you get it at?
  2. Don't have one as i am not old enough to drive :p However my first car will likely to be my brothers current one.
  3. nice! :) what kind is it?
  4. Congrats on your purchase.

    My first car was a 1968 Buick Skylark California GS. I purchased it when I was 16 with my own money I had saved up
    It looked just like this one I found on the internet but mine was a lighter blue.

    It was owned by an older lady who's husband had just died. She gave me a great deal on it. They were the original owners and it was literally their Sunday driving car and only had 60k miles on it when I bought it in 1996. I soon discovered it had a tranny problem and we ended up selling it shortly after I bought it. My dad got tired of picking me up on the side of the road when it broke down. We sold it to a friend of my dad's and after 1 day he had the transmission problem fixed and it was running like a dream. His boys destroyed that car. I miss that car. I wish I had held onto it.

    Here's a little history about it
  5. Wow! That's a beautiful car! Did you ever learn exactly what was wrong with the transmission? I'm hoping this thread was a tad nostalgic for you haha :p. And thank you for the congratulation :). It was my graduation present from my grandfather.
  6. i bought this in 2006, my first car :) its a Mazda 626, in which i proceeded to name Stitch because of his experiment number :3
    i still have it too

    also! congratulations on buying a car!

  7. Where I come from, everyone learns to drive a tractor at the age of 12. Except me. :<
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  8. Thanks! :D.
    The first car I ever drove was a Mazda Miata :p. I really like the way they handle.
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  9. Same here lol. I live in Northern Michigan and everybody and their younger sister seems to have been born with driving skills, except me. I'm 18 and am literally just getting my license :p.

  10. 1984 Ford Escort Wagon

    Mine was maroon, and did not half a roof rack, but that's her in all her glory.
    It was a hand-me-down from my grandmother. I had some great adventures in her.

    When I was younger I was given a car to use ( but did not own it). Here it is . . .

    1980 Buick Regal Coupe
    Again, this is not my car, but the color is right. I always thought it was silly to flip down the license plate to get at the fuel cap.
  11. heelllllooo sharp turns at 90 miles an hour >:] ! mwahaha!
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  12. I shall go outside take a picture of my car and post it at some point over the weekend :) to much work at the moment to do so :(
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  13. 305210_4399358790214_1109056515_n.jpg
    Mines a 1997 Honda Civic Hatchback, 138,000 miles. Bought it last summer with saved up money, paid $3400 for it on Craigslist. Its a great little car, i'm planning on buying some rims for it soon. Its name is Josh XD
  14. Am I the only one who thinks it is weird to name a car?
  15. Well, I will buy a beetle and call it Herbie:p jk, I don't know why you should name your car, but when it's your first, I can understand.
  16. i would say but... I'M TOO YOUNG TO DRIVE!!!
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  17. lol my first car was a 1979 dodge D50. Mine was a dirt brown dint look even close to how nice this one looks. It had a top speed of 45mph when I first got it :eek: With some TLC I got it to go 90mph down a hill.:cool: I also had a huge double ban pass subwofer in the bed and a old walkman as my stereo, It had black lights and the lights that are like string in the cab. The sub would make the lights dim with the music, all most all the way off it I turn it up lol

    I eventually rolled it in the mountains on a gravel road down a hill side, the only thing that stopped the roll was a single dead tree. If not for that tree id probably be dead:)
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  18. When all was said and done I dropped more in trying to fix the transmission than what I paid for the car. We didn't ever get the issue figured out. But the guy we sold it to lived next door to a mechanic who knew right off what the issue was. I forget exactly what it was but $20 and 10 minutes got it fixed.
  19. ouch .-.
  20. Very nice looking for a 1997! My friend has a Civ and they last a really long time! I'd say it was a tad expensive though for 138k miles .-.. I paid around 13k for this car and its got 41k.