First thing you do in 1.9

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You like 1.9?

Naw 5 vote(s) 16.1%
Yea! 8 vote(s) 25.8%
#1.9Hype 11 vote(s) 35.5%
Lets skip 1.9 lets go 1.10 7 vote(s) 22.6%
  1. Hey Iron here ( I hope there isnt a thread like this) But! I want to know what you guys will do when 1.9 What will be the first thing you do? (Post Screenys and Caption it on SinglePlayer)

    My first thing would be get an Elytra then fly over town and make people jealous:D
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  2. I'll run out to the end and grab everything I can see.
  3. I'll do basicly nothing, as I usally do basicly nothing.
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  4. Same :)
  5. Boats! Got to get boats and then complain why I can only take one passenger and not two :)

    I'm actually thinking of building a bit of a mob arena-ish game (single player). Mob island or something (using several customized spawners) which you need to invade. And it's only accessible by boat (adventure mode, so you can't build bridges or such).

    The idea would be that you'd need 2 players because if you venture out alone you'll have more chances of getting shot. But if there's two of you then one can control the boat while the other can shoot at the mobs to create a bit of a foothold.

    I'm currently experimenting with the commands to summon / create primed TNT which should happen every moment a mob steps over a certain pressure plate (to mimic some kind of artillery).

    EDIT: this is also the first time where I actually appreciate the new commandblocks. In 1.8 I had to use redstone to trigger them all. Doable, but because of the redstone mechanics it also gobbles up much space. On 1.9 I can do this by merely using a single column underneath the pressure plates, which is actually quite cool.
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  6. Ok so maybe this is a bit off topic, but 1.9 has better boats right? For a very long time I have said we need iron boats, boats that can float on lava rather than water.

    As for what I am going to do, I don't have any certain plans, I really want to go get some purpur though!
  7. Mojang had a prototype for lava boats in their April Fools version of 1.10: Obsidian Boats.


    Anyway, away from post-1.9 versions, I'll be competing for elytra and dragon heads ASAP when 1.9 drops on EMC.
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  8. Run into the wild and nether and get materials and get the new stuff
  9. I'll probably just be there trying to get used to all the new features! :p
  10. BUMP
    What Would You Do?
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  11. First thing I'll do on 1.9? Log onto EMC. :D
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  12. Elytra and Dragon head!
    Mending books auction... yup.
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  13. I bet that the Dragon Heads are going to be like the dragon heads, rare and worth a lot.
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  15. Not that rare.
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  16. wot lol

    Also probably nothing.

    I should go log in this weekend while I have a breather from my exams to not be derelict because I have no time to play games any more lol
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  17. oh lol my bad XD I meant like the dragon egg
  18. The first thing I plan to do is Login.
  19. Get an elytra and fly straight down for a new death message
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