[Finished] Golden Temple by Hasorko

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Hasorko, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. So I finally finished that project and as some were following its progress I wanted to give a notice that the building itself is finished. It has roughly 3500 Blocks of Gold in it (McEdit said it will be 3,7k but I build it slightly different then my scratch). For all shop owners, who had me on their rupee list on gold thats over. ^^ Sorry to keep your stocks low.

    Here some impressions. It can be found on SMP3 6436.

  2. Cool
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  3. When it's taken down...

    [AUCTION] Double Chest of Gold Blocks

    Oh lord...
  4. Wow. That is amazing! That is all I can say.
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  5. Very nice Hasorko !

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  6. Are those blue blocks ice?
  7. No its actually glass + sky ^^
  8. Damn, that is a lot of gold...
  9. Er my gersh...
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    It's beautiful
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  11. Hasorko, you are brilliant! So nice to have you back around and building beautiful things for us to explore :)
  12. Ermergerd! Gurd!
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  13. This timeless palace was built by a King for his Queen to rest next to him for eternity... LOL kidding, but it's just as epic and amazing O_O
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  14. woah ...

    EDIT: I want to make a diamond temple ..... >: )
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  15. OOoooh :eek: I want to live in there
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  16. I'm inside right now... if you are impressed by the screenshot... just go there O____O
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  17. I'm going to defeat a dragon with my friends to recover our lost city and a lot of gold, you can come with us. By the way, my name's Kili and I'm a dwarf :p
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  18. Temple is gone thx to derelict policy. Good Job Team, thats the reason I needed to delete EMC from my server lists.
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  19. Well, that's hardly fair.
    Did you take steps to protect it, like PMing staff to have it extended?
  20. Hasorko may I ask what texturepack u used to take those 2 screenshot? Looks nice :)
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