Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 62.5%
No. 54 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. Yeah, I see lots of other stuff on there, hehe :p Well, if you mention the leaderboards, I'd at least recommend putting it somewhere! :rolleyes: If someone got rupees, would they be on that leaderboard or did you only do it from a certain point? I thought I had won one or two of these are some point but I can't remember :D
  2. Nope, I think I considered awarding CP here when I first started this thread, but I chose against it, as I thought it might seem unfair to people without a Minecraft account.
    I reconsidered it later, though, and realised that the main part of the Club Points should not be "Ha, I'm above you" but the kind of rewards system connected to it.
    And me awarding CP here doesn't take away from me awarding CP on my YouTube channel.
    Now, what'd be especially great is if some people actually claimed some CP on my YouTube videos too, but unfortunately that doesn't really happen a whole lot :p
    You've got a good point, though: I often mention CP without people actually knowing what it is.
    I should really make a video on CP and put that on my YouTube channel's homepage, and link to that video in my About section on EMC.
    I don't really know how to go about it, though, and I have so much other stuff to do that seems more fun... :p
    My vacation will soon be over, though, and when school starts again I won't have time for it.
    So I'll try start working on an overview video sometime this week.
    I'm not entirely sure how I'd do it but if I want this system to be used, I should definitely actually clearly mention in a logical place how it works, you've got a very good point there! :)
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  3. I realised us Europeans are basically the only with a chance at this with the times I'm posting these at :p
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  5. Yup, well done!

    Oh, and by the way... Tom is in last place again, the person I put behind him decided to earn 2 CP and now has one more than Tom :p
    22. Banjac             - 5 : 5
    29. TomvanWijnen       - 4 : 4
    Tom could easily take over Tim, haastregt et cetera if he wanted though, simply by spending some time at my latest videos: especially the piano and composition videos can earn you over a dozen CP quickly only by paying attention to the video and description and/or using Google ;)
    That might also get you into the range of some interesting "rewards" :o

    (I'm advertising so much here lately, haha :p But it's my own thread, so it shouldn't matter :rolleyes:)
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  6. Yes, yes I should watch your video's... but I'll forget... :p I'll try not to forget though :p
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  7. Or that won't happen at all if I started to look for the answers to the questions :p
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  8. I'll be uploading a new piano video shortly, so we'll see what happens with it :p
    (it'd be amazing if now people from my other forum or YouTube itself suddenly started claiming the CP before you can :rolleyes:)

  9. Bridging.

    Found by nltimv.

    Staying low.

    Found by RunderC.


    Found by Sachrock.


    Found by Sachrock.


    Found by TomvanWijnen.

    Blue and black.

    Found by Jelle68.


    Found by Dufne.

    White & green.

    Found by Rhyblet (picture's from nltimv).

    Autumn colours.

    Found by Jelle68.

    Four leaves.

    Found by TomvanWijnen.

    Past pictures, page 6.
  10. I never see this thread in time
  11. No, sorry... I'll try uploading after 8 AM EMC time next time, if I remember :)
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  12. It's after 8 AM EMC time ;)
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  14. Uhhhh Ninja'd...
  15. >:£
  16. Yup! 5 CP will be awarded to you when I get on a pc, as html editing on simpsite is a pain on iPad.
  17. This is the last of the usable pictures taken with Lanata, but I took two new pictures with my sister this afternoon, so more's coming!
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  18. Found it. It's to the right of the midlde of the pole, in the bushes. I can't circle it due to being on mobile tho :p

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  20. Okay, well done, but please still keep your answers in a spoiler.

    Yup, that counts! Did you find it yourself or did you get it from cTJ's answer? :p
    You're at 109 CP now. Remember the leaderboards are sorted by total CP possessed ever, so if you use a portion of your CP on a composition or a piano cover or a Minecraft video or whatever you'll still be in first place! :)