Fighting Elder Guardians is sometimes unfair...

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  1. Hi gang!

    Hope you guys are enjoying 1.9, I know I am! While most of you ran out into the End to fight the dragon or to raid End cities we decided to grab some small supplies, take out a boat and head to the ocean, which we did. As you can see above ;)

    So while checking out the area it didn't take long before we got alerted that something dangerous was lurking ahead in the ocean....

    I really enjoy this new feature (the Elder Guardian is now a mini-boss, just like Momentus, Marlix and the Wither) especially because it's a bit harder to find monuments on 1.9 because there's some severe block lag happening from time to time.

    Anyway, we found the monument, build a small mining outpost on top, placed & locked a chest and then it was time to take up the fight below :) The shields are pretty useless against the laser beams which somewhat surprised me. I guess I've found yet another somewhat weird gameplay mechanic (in my opinion that is, I think it's a bit silly that it blocks arrows but not these attacks).

    And just like before we succeeded! The fight was hard and brutal (and once again god gear turned out to chop up the guardians a little easier than my trusty voters gear) but I do have one complaint to make...

    When fighting the Elder Guardian you can run into some pretty unfair situations. Whenever he's swimming between a bunch of pillars (not sure how to describe this, see picture below) then the system will decide that it cannot reach you. Even while he's in the middle of attacking you!


    Uhm, what do you mean "cannot reach you?"

    I don't think this is fair. He's attacking you and you take some heavy damage (especially in voters gear) yet you can't counter attack because the system thinks it can't reach you. Even though its right in front of you! :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I guess the picture speaks for itself...

    Either way: we killed all the guardians and are now preparing to raid the temple some more (found 2 sponge rooms, life is good! :))
  2. You think you have it bad. My iron farm has started a revolt today:
  3. On the topic of both the mentioned farms, I have a question for those of you in the know:

    Im working on a lil experimental guardian/gold/iron farm all in the same spot. I've drained, mined and setup the guardian farm, and plan to build a 4 branch iron farm over top (with proper spacing), with a small gold farm in the middle over top the guardian farm. This way Im hoping a single afk spot will produce from all three farms. If necessary, a rail circuit isnt out of the question if that'll work.

    What problems am I going to run into with the 3 mob types spawning in the same chunks? What other factors may hinder outputs?
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  4. I came across a Ocean Monument about an hour ago. It was untouched so i thought i'd kill the Guardian or at least find a sponge. Neither came true, i kept dieing from the fowl water breathers. Not to mention the extreme 5 minutes of miners fatigue. So i left and i headed to the border.
  5. I don't see any mob limit issues if everything is drop death. There may be less spawn then if they were all separate but really I've not noticed much at my farm. That picture I posted is a 2 unit iron farm, with those 2 slime chunks and its all within the walls of my witch farm. I have 10 DCs of slime blocks currently and had enough redstone for a DC of every item that uses redstone to make it.

    The only thing you need to worry about is animals spawning too close. They will cluster and kill a farm fast. Best plan, what I would do, is dig everything out. Top to bottom and if in an ocean, remove any land that is within 100 blocks of center point.
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  6. Well, it takes a little time and preparation. Best to build a small base on top of the structure and the immediately close up the holes below it (the pillars). That prevents fish from coming in. You can't break stuff yet because of the fatique.

    Next: potions and doors. Water breathing/Night vision and... doors. I always go in through the front (opening) but also close it up with 2 doors and 2 blocks (dirt or cobble). That prevents fish from coming in. Sometimes they can spawn, but this really helps keep things calm.

    Also: never break the outside of the monument, save that for last. That also prevents fish from coming in so you'll only have to deal with an occasional encounter, but no armies or such.

    There are always 3 guardians. One on top, and one in both 'chambers'. Bit hard to explain, I think I'll save that for a guide (sounds like a nice idea I think... monument raiding). Alas; kill all 3 and you'll seen be done with the fatigue.

    What I usually do next is go back on top (door open & closing at front) and then mine down from the mining outpost. Using ladders helps to keep water out and makes it also quicker to enter & leave:

    That 2x2 hole is basically the extension of the original "hole" in the top of the monument. This was before the raid, but now I placed ladders here which makes it easy to get in, even without potions.

    Maybe this can give some ideas?
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  7. Yep, mined already as you noted and im planning to slab or glass the bottom level. All other spawn surfaces are and will be slabbed as well and no land close by to speak of. Im hoping that by lighting all the caves withing say 100 radius I should limit unwanted mobs as well (outside the temple perimeter).

    Glad to hear its not a complete waste of ambition! Thanks dewd!

    PS: Sorry to heist your thread Shel:oops:
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  8. I'm not :) Slabs are good ;) but that's probably because I spend plenty of time with StoneSky :)
  9. SO today I fought some more custom mobs and I'm starting to think that there's a flaw with the whole combat system where custom mobs are concerned. I mean....

    What do you mean "it can't reach me"? I've even been set on fire by this critter, yet the system believes it can't reach me and thus reduces my loot.

    Another problem: lag. I strike at this critter and the system doesn't register a hit, but the delay kicks in anyway, lessening my chances of defeating it. All in all fighting these custom mobs has become a lot less enjoyable to me.
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  10. The irony is when it happens as you fight a ranged enemy like a skeleton .
    Next thing you know the ghasts are going to have trouble reaching you cx
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  11. Welcome to EMC, where you can dodge arrows and be smart enough to not get hurt from mobs and be punished for it.
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