Feyavalon here :)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I just joined last week. This Minecraft server is pretty cool so far. I've seen some really awesome homes. Do you have any favorites that you enjoy visiting so I can check out?

    -- Fey
  2. Welcome to the Empire FeyAvalon. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. Welcome to EMC, what's your favorite color?
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  4. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
    my favorite color is green, but my username on EMC shall remain blue forever
  5. My favorite color is turquoise. What's yours?
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  6. My favorite color is the color of the blood that drips from the enemies I have slain. :)
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  7. Your forum username looks gold me though ;)
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  8. I meant in-game ;)
  9. Orange, thank you for asking. :)
  10. Hi Fey,

    Well, I guess this calls for a 'belated' welcome to the Empire then :) So yeah, welcome :cool:

    I see you landed on smp5, that's a very nice server to be on. Its also where I have my vacation resort (building is still in progress) and has some very interesting buildings. I can recommend to check out Palmsugar's residence, its really something else indeed :)

    But I have to say that I always like to come back to my own place on smp2 ;) Even though that too is still work in progress ;)

    Not sure if you know this already but: /v random will transport you to a random residence on the server you're on. Might be a very nice way to quickly discover some new residences and interesting areas :)
  11. So multiple colors I suppose.. ? Depends what you slain. :)
  12. Woot! Welcome to the empire. :) Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to talk. ;)
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  13. Thanks for the tip. I will check out /v random later today.
  14. Welcome to the Empire!
    If you wish to look about for cool builds others have done, the thing I love to do is go to live map and to check it out from overhead. Utopia is really cool as you can fly about there and look as well.

    See ya around!
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  15. My favorite color is gold.
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  16. Cool! Thanks.
  17. Welcome to the Empire!
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  18. Yoo Fey, Lol you already know me from Mumble but yooo! I was going to watch that Twitch Stream last night but I pass out before I can even click xD
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  20. Welcome to the empire, FeyAvalon! I hope you like the server and its great community! :D
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