Female Characters in Gaming

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  1. Well, since it's Women's Day, I thought It would be cool to share some of my favorite Female Characters in Gaming.

    I based myself of either their story/bravery/how funny they are(Mostly Their Bravery).

    Ellie-Front.jpg Borderlands 2 / Ellie
    the-last-of-us_Ellie_BIO.jpg The Last of Us / Ellie

    zelda.jpg The Legend of Zelda / Zelda
    top10badasswomenofvideogames_5.jpg Metroid / Samus Aran
    top10badasswomenofvideogames_4.jpg Halo / Cortana
    top10badasswomenofvideogames_1.jpg Half-Life / Alyx Vance
    top10badasswomenofvideogames_6.jpg Beyond Good & Evil / Jade
    top10badasswomenofvideogames_8.jpg Tomb Raider / Lara Croft
    top10badasswomenofvideogames_9.jpg Starcraft / Sarrah Kerrigan

    Thank You! I hope you enjoyned my list. What are Your Favorite Female Characters?
    Share it with us! (Sorry if I might have forgot another character :p)
  2. Well somebody is being active on the forums today. :p Favorite female character would have to be Samus. She's bada**, brave, and even though she has her zero suit form, she's not a overly sexualized character. A lot of people know she's a female, and still love her and her games. Which is a bit rare in parts of the gaming community, especially with females who just sit there and look pretty, or other females who are objects to be won by the main character. They aren't good representations of most women, and a lot of people just go off those characters, and then say the main character should be male because of them.
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  3. Depending on who you believe.
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  4. Well, I was gonna include Pyro, but I wasn't sure. Also it could be a man... My friend told me about his theories and he concluded it was a homosexual man.

    But if you ask me both would be awesome.

    Also Pyro is my favorite psycopath XD
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  5. Ah, ellie from borderlands 2 :D <3 That game
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  6. image.jpg Ann, from some Harvest Moon games.
    She's my wife in Friends of Mineral Town, so yeah :p
    I like her, and she has a very nice father.
  7. Thats just harsh man.. like wow :p

  8. Pekka!
    She is a clash of clans troop.
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  9. Here are two awesome Female characters in PAYDAY 2. I love PAYDAY 2 and I thought, "Why not share the two female characters from the Heist Franchise?" So here you go folks!

    Clover_mugshot.jpg Clover / PAYDAY 2

    hajp_goal_07.png Bonnie / PAYDAY 2

    "Clover is an Irish Burglar and former apprentice of Hoxton. She was released in her eponymous DLC on December 16th, 2014 along with her signature weapons, the Queen's Wrath and Clover's Shillelagh. Clover is the first playable female heister."

    "Bonnie is a Gambler and the ninth announced character for PAYDAY 2 and the tenth to be released. Bonnie is the second female heister added to the game, and the first free one. Bonnie was unlocked on the Hypetrain event on March 1, 2015 and was released March 15th during the Spring Break event."
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  10. Hmm, females :)

    no, no, no.... don't take that the wrong way :) I have to admit that the topic / header got me off guard, I was expecting some other kind of thread. The one which focusses on how female players are often getting treated a little weird online. Something I can see happening almost every time my gf decides to go online, esp. in gtav. Long story, won't get into that right now...

    Female characters... but in gaming. Well, I'm going to cut corners a little bit. But first...

    Mai Hasegawa, her codename being "Konoko". She's the protagonist in Bungie's "Oni" game, a game I remember picking up in Hilversum in my teens during a sale there. One of the first games (to my knowledge) which allowed you to fight multiple enemies in hand to hand combat. Three to four enemies? No problem. And it had guns too ;)

    The game is kinda dated now, obviously, but what I really liked about it was the heavy storyline and the somewhat free open areas you had to explore. I say 'somewhat' because you were limited, but even so it gave you a lot of freedom. AND it kept an eye out for details too.

    So yah, Konoko aka Mai Hasegawa in Oni:

    Ok, this is a wallpaper and doesn't really show you the game, but it does do Konoko credit IMO.

    Next... My all time favorite female character, even though it is also a kind of love / hate thing. I like the persona, but I don't always like the way she acts and reacts. But, in the overall, that's also what I like about her.

    Trust me: someone who has nothing but positive remarks and only good scores and all... that can't be real. Small sidestep: it's what I like in forums where you can up and downvote posts. Personally I prefer those kind of fora because it gets you an honest image on people. I participate in a few myself and take pride in having a 3 on 1 score. So 1/3'rd of my posts are disliked, and I like that. Because... you can't agree on everything. No way :)

    BUT... sorry; I am venting again... Motoko Kusanagi, also known as the Major, she is the protagonist in the Ghost in the Shell series. Which is truly my all time favorite. I have the animated movies, I own both seasons of the TV spin off ("Stand Alone Complex") where I got the first in all special editions (t-shirts!) and the second in a regular DVD box. I have the OST and....

    I take great pride in having the original manga as well, with many thanks to my gf. I got it double folded btw; I have one English translated version which I got of Amazon but also got the Japanese version thanks to my gf. Who picked it up during a vacation with her parents (in Japan), long offtopic story I won't get into.

    So without further ado... Motoko Kusanagi...


    Hmm.... now that I look at those pictures together... No seriously; first time I do so.. There are some resemblances I suppose.

    Alas; I know I am stretching things a little with Ghost in the Shell because Kusanagi-kun was originally an animated character who happened to get included in a few games as well. But yah; since this is my all time favorite franchise I can't help "bending" the rules a teenie little bit :)

    Man.. Japan sure has left its impressions on me :cool:
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  11. I know this thread is a month old, but I just noticed it. So, I'm going to one up you by listing Ellie's mother as my favorite character. Moxxi has been my favorite character since the first Borderlands : ).
  12. Dude, It's never too late to post something. Specially in this thread!
  13. since this thread was just bumped...
    You forgot this lady
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  14. HALO, Cortana. You cannot disagree or your planet will be glassed.
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  15. Dude, Cortana is awesome... She is the most awesome A.I. made out of human tissue I've ever seen.
  16. Dude, I was playing Pokémon Emerald yesterday and I defeated her XD. Yeah I remember May.
    (That Combusken of hers is strong :D)
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  17. BONUS:
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