Feedback on my wilderness base!

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do you like my base?

no 4 vote(s) 15.4%
yes 22 vote(s) 84.6%
  1. 2014-12-03_14.39.38.png do you guys like my base? this is a 30x30 hole from lvl 68 to 18
  2. Appears to be a large hole capable of killing the most nimble cats :eek:
    +1 I like killing cats.
  3. How long did this take you to dig out :eek:
    I like the green stained glass tho :cool:
  4. This looks terrific!
  5. I'm getting tired just thinking about that, let alone actually hollowing out that monstrosity.
  6. i dont know if you saw the ladder xD
  7. It is a pretty cool Idea but the dirt roof and the walls kinda throw me off of it.
  8. trying 2 fix dat its a hard job though D:
  9. Ya I know, work like that sucks. Anyway once that is done I think it will look great!
  10. ill send out a new pic when its done
  11. I love this!
  12. You know that people invented something amazing...
    It's called a floor, It really comes in handy when fighting mods and mobs...
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  13. May I suggest a simple Black glass railing outside the walking area (blocks). Given random spawning and Mob infiltration, I see a reaction-fall-death here :D
  14. It looks pretty cool, I think!
  15. i dont mind falling because i cant die falling that far xD my armor is to op
  16. who wants me to update it?