February 2015: Show Your Love!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. I love Zombie Pigmen
    2015-02-11_10.38.10 copy.jpg
  2. WHOA so efficient, leaves a lot of other players farms in the dust
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  3. So, here's 2 things I love: ducks and EMC events. But I guess I love ducks more.
    I don't know why, but ducks are just awesome. I could write a love letter to ducks about why I love them, but it's just a short message, so I'll leave it at that.
  4. My Minecraft love is lava. Even though I am quite sure it is not too fond of me, my love and passion for the molten rock still burns. Literally. 2015-02-10_19.50.58.png
  5. 2015-02-10_19.33.33.png
    I Love My Voter Boots
    Who doesn't like Feather Falling 5?!
  6. I love SMP 9 and all the friends and new people i meet daily :) 2015-02-10_18.10.21.png

  7. I love horses!! I even have an event dedicated to them! Some of these horses are promos and my fav. ones!
  8. Great the picture didn't show up. :O
  9. I love mob arena and the ability to kill so many willing players ;)
  10. What about the RAINBOW SOXS?

  11. I love my Flame II god bow - together we're a killing machine. Die mob, die!! :eek:

  12. I love playing on EMC with my son and I love Luci (short for Lucifer). My son is awesome at building things and Luci has kept many a witch away from me...and helped me kill a few Marlixes:cool:.
  13. So cute! <3

  14. I Love My Voters Beacon !
  15. Love my giant Spruce tree.
  16. 2015-02-10_19.22.49.png
    This is Jeffrey. He was my favorite emerald villager until recently, when he tried to leave me. Now he lives in the dungeon, where he no longer makes emeralds. But I still love Jeffrey, and I know he will never leave me again! (because he can't.)
  17. I love my sheeps. They keep me warm and safe <3 2015-02-10_19.18.51.png
  18. awe so sweet <3
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  19. I love my fireworks, normally they are a rare coveted treasure but EMC has given us all the gift of infinite fireworks to my immense pleasure. ILY awesome fireworks and ILY EMC for making them accessible and easy to use :D

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