Favorite unusual smell?

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  1. Jay here, yet again with another thread lol.

    (My friends have issues) I was with my friends and we started talking about our favorite smells, but they were unusual. Like, someone like the smell of crayons (which I hate lol). I was wondering if fellow EMCERS would like to share! :)

    Personally, mine is sharpie marker even though it damages your smell lol. And gasoline :p

    Please no food smells. These are supposed to be unique. :)
    Examples if your mind if blank:
    sharpie marker

    Thanks ;)
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  2. Gasoline and sharpie markers are the best smells in the world, but other than that, I enjoy the smell of freshly opened iPads and the smell of burning gum in a fire.
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  3. Basement.
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  4. Squash Plants and Sharpie/Expo Marker
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  5. I like the smell of the autoclave at work.
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  6. Diesel Fuel.
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  7. rotting corpses


  8. The smell of rain, or better yet, rain on hot concrete.
  9. This is why we can't have nice things
  10. Cold air. Sometimes I'll go into the kitchen just for the sake of sticking my head in the freezer and enjoying this heavenly scent.
  11. ICE I love smelling into those things at grocery stores where they have bags of ice!!
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  12. That's an interesting concept. :D (Sorry if this comes off as disrespectful, I'm not trying to offend you :p)
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  13. New house smell.
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  14. Freshly printed artwork/project comps. (The new "car-smell" for printed pieces.)
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  15. Ooo, I love new car smell.
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  16. The smell of a new mf8 teraminx ...complex Rubik's Cube. (Definitely not a nerd... :oops:)
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  17. New book smell.

    And my own farts...

    Don't judge me.

  18. I love crayons, markers, and new book smell. Huge fan of rain's smell as well. Weirdly enough, I also kind of enjoy the smell of skunk from a distance.

    My favorite weird smell? Well, whenever I go to some random ocean area in a nearby zoo, as soon as I enter I get a massive blast of this insane fishy smell. It's salty, and strong, and cool, and free, and ocean-y, and I love it like crazy.
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  19. I like that smell along with the smell of wood/wood shavings
  20. lol i worded that strangely didnt I lol :D
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