[FARM] Shulker Reaktor: Infinite Shells For Life!

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  1. I'm at the shulker farm now and it hasn't produced anything yet even after hitting the reset button and waiting a while. Would you mind taking a look at it?
  2. I just did an it is working normally.
  3. That's odd. I was there for cloee to an hour and didn't get one shell. Thanks for letting me know, I'll give it a try tomorrow, I guess tonight. :)
  4. oh wait, I should unsubscribe from this thread. I thought this was the one about the public farm. Apologies, I mixed up.
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  5. Yeah, it has been a while since i checked, I'll come fix it all up in a minute.
  6. it was indeed broken, nothing serious, just the usual reloading the chunck and inserting a new shulker. Is all better now, thanks for notifying. I'll send over some shells to make up for your lost time.
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  7. Thank you. It is running perfectly now. Thank you for the shells too.
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  8. Hi, I've been trying to use the farm over the last day or so but it seemed to require a reboot fairly often and has now just flat out stopped working entirely. Could you have a look when you get a chance please?
  9. I noticed the same problem the other day just after it was repaired. It stops producing shells after a short time of being afk.

    It also appears to be much slower than before. I used it, maybe a year ago, after the last modification that made the right chest fill faster than the left and at that time the output was much higher than it is now.
  10. the farm is still not producing any shulker shells. even after clicking the reboot button.
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  11. Again? Seems it is breaking faster and faster. I wonder if anything changed with shulker mechanics.
    I'll come reboot it again and we'll see how long it lasts this time.
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  12. it seems as though the farm's redstone door is borked, and allows anyone into the farm.
  13. also, the farm is not producing shells again. even after clicking the reboot button.
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  14. Indeed, seems like someone broke in, and then tried to replace the blocks again, but forgot to activate no protectmode. So yeah, door is broken for now, will ask them to remove the protected blocks or ask staff to remove protection.

    Also true, did another hard reset and works again. I'll be reworking the farm the next week or so. new reset function better AFK spot and such. I'll post an update here once it works.
  15. I've been at the farm for 30 mins this morning and it's not producing any shells even after pressing the button
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  16. its borked 100% no shells have been sitting for 2 hours
  17. Patched her up again. Somehow shulkers keep despawning, with the minecart they are in, just full on vanishing.
    I've come up with a list of imrovements to get the farm back on her feet, but it'll take some time.
    For now I'll keep repairing things when they break, untill I have some more spare time. (I'm a bit too preoccupied with Build team work at the moment)
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