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  1. Famous

    Being famous on the Empire means that people know who you are, when entering the SMP's they'll greet you from afar.

    Being famous on the Empire means sometimes people follow you around, you're trying to play quietly with a friend and then keep hearing that sound...

    "Hello famous person!"

    Being famous on the Empire means you should play by the rules, you're setting examples; you show your fans that you're no fools.

    Being famous on the Empire also means people will cut you a bit of slack, if you mess up sometimes you're not immediately greeted with a green wolf-pack.

    Being famous on the Empire means you really care(d) for this place, so why give in to the dark side without at least trying to play your trump ace?

    Being famous on the Empire doesn't mean you know everything you can or cannot do, so why not trust a fair red lady dragon (moose?) to tell those things to you?

    Being famous on the Empire... Is one of the best things to be, but you need to realize it also comes with responsibility. Some people look up to you, so why risk ruining your rep. While you can also remain great; truly an outstanding fab. But sometimes things do not go as they should be, so why the heck did you not come see me?!

    -- A famous person who did not enjoy last weekend
  2. what happened?
  3. From my phone, was no fun but had to be done. Can't set proper formatting right now.

    Nothing most already know :)

    As to why, consider this my way to blow off some steam.
  4. Round 2 eh? :p
  5. Uh oh, he noticed his stalker...
  6. Oo my not over yet huh?
  7. Not gonna lie, I'm completely and totally confused.
  8. <3
    feel you!
    You know where I am if you need to blow more steam dude ;)
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  9. Nope, that would imply a fight and there is none here. This is just me.

    It is over, but I'm not over it yet, no. Well.. am sorta, got it out of my system now.

    Good, just enjoy the poem then. ;)

    Absolutely. And thanks for cleaning the thread up a bit (I assume that was you ;)).
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  10. Guess we'll find out in 10 months or so eh ;)
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  11. Who are you?
    Don't be a tease; tell us who!

    Just kiddin'

    Anyway, I don't worry about the whole famous deal. I mean, why be famous when you can be infamous?
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  12. Very nice! I find this very important indeed!
    And wait, it rhymes too? :eek: I'll have to reread immediately! ;)
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  13. this peom is clearly about me, im the only famous person on emc
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  14. I forgot all about this tbh. So I cleaned up the formatting a little bit :)
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  15. btw this rhymed
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  16. You might be the only famous person on EMC but I am the only famous cat, you see.

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