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  1. sometimes i feel as if i am the only 1 that remembers fair shop the giant shop in the minion and as a derp that i am i tend to type /v +fs instead of /v +shop etc so i wanted to remake fair shop and i was wondering if anyone had screenshots of the outside of fair shop if so post them here :D
  2. Hey PYRO,
    the /v +fs was designed and built by Silken_thread (exterior design, the minion) and me (interior design).
    I have many screenshots, just need to find them.
    I'd like to participate in the project.
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  3. I was there live when the player ''destroyed'' fairshop. It had a monopole of smp8 but removing it didin't change for the good I think.

    Good luck, I hope you can recreate it or/and make it even better than the old one!

    Forgot to pick some good screenshots of that minion sadly... :(
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  4. He destroyed it? I thought he simply went derelict.. I know many players on SMP8 (myself as non-SMP8'er included) continued to vote for him but eventually that kinda stopped.

    But yeah, I also remember fairshop / /v +fs.. It was truly a shop which lived up to its name, one of my favorites. I bought plenty of beacons & nether stars there :)
  5. Derelict and claimed directly after.
  6. I was on a long trip at that time, meant to save it, but when I came online it was like 2 hours too late.
    I'm sorry about that.
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  7. someone who hall remain nameless decided to force claim it
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  8. He who will remain nameless does not deserve a mention, I am busy for the next few weeks with exams, I may have a bit more time then.
  9. First: I think it's a good thing not to mention the player since that could only cause more drama. So I'd like to start by saying that I'm impressed that when it comes to things which matter then SMP8 tends to show it's much more mature than the warning suggest ;) I think that's really a good thing to do.

    However... I'd also like to mention that you shouldn't be upset or angry at a specific player for forceclaiming a residence. Remember that if the owner didn't stop playing (and voting) then there would be no way for someone else to forceclaim in the first place. Also, sooner or later the residence would have been removed automatically. When you go derelict then all protection goes out of the window.

    I can understand if some of you guys are (still) upset over losing FS like this, personally I also don't like seeing residences force claimed when they have impressive buildings on them, but it is part of the game. If you want to put the blame somewhere then I think it'd be more fair to blame Empire Minecraft for setting up this strategy. But before you do: also try to think about what would happen if they didn't put this into place. We've already experienced a town expansion last year and as some as you know that didn't go as smoothly as it could have.

    Anyway, I'm convinced that most of you realize as much but I still wanted to share. If not for you guys then for the new(er) players around these parts.
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  10. we know that we shouldn't be angry and we got over that along time ago i know who did it and they caused fair shop to be bankrupt but we all understand that this occurred in the past and that we should have mental forgiven them by now.
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