[EVENTS] Empire Events Minor Changes

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  1. Scheduled Empire Events Changes

    So I have taken over organizing official Empire Events In-Game

    Only little changes have been made so far, but hopefully people will like it!

    The changes are as follows:
    Mob Arena

    Mob Arenas are now on Tuesdays and Saturday.

    Hosts of mob arena are:

    Rainbowchin hosts the Saturday one and it will keep its time and be at 4pm EMC time.

    The Tuesday one is going to shift times for each host every week, to distribute the arena fairly over the playing times of players. So we'll rotate between the times over the course of 3 weeks.

    -Manchildie’s will be held at 5 pm EMC time
    -ItsMeMatheus’s will be held at 8 pm EMC time
    -Ahksel’s will be at midnight EMC time

    FNM - Friday Night Miners

    This event gets a little change too. It now has 5 hosts.

    Hosts are:

    This event will mostly keep its design. the only change is , every 5th week it will be on Thursday instead of Friday, and will be hosted by Eviltoade.
    PvP - Staff Vs the World

    This NEW event will start on the 22nd of June and will be held every other week at 5 pm EMC time.

    What is this event?
    The staff will /group up and try their best to survive the attacks of all the players at once in the PvP arenas on smp6.

    Normal Emc Rules apply.
    Head drops are optional.

    This event is all about fun (and torturing the staff).
    You will always be able to catch up on where we are in the schedule.
    Just go to events.emc.gs

    Our event calendar is updated and tells you when and where the events will happen. Look for an asterisk (*) to mark official Empire Events.

    I hope these changes are for the good, and will make people happy.

    Have a good one
    Best Regards,

  2. Events are in good hands!
  3. You're Awesome Dramanya! =D
  4. Midnight MA? Hmm, intriguing . . .

    Well done, keep up he awesome work.
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  5. Fancy! Looks awesome D ^_^

    Can't wait for the regular staff held PvP events!
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  6. Yay!!! Also, what day is the PvP event scheduled? Still on Saturday?

    Edit: nvm the question. June 22 is a um...*grabs calendar* Tuesday? No it's Monday. DANG IT! I won't be able to attend them :(
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  7. Sound Good :D
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  8. TFN WITH A TOAD?!?!

    Also, will Kill that Chin still be a thing?

    Also no. 2: What About Kill that Chin?
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  9. Very nicely laid out, nice to see all times on there, makes it easy to understand :)
  10. Looking forward to this !!
  11. Very nice.

    I have to point this out, though...
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  12. Thank you ive fixed that
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  13. Thanks ye Flower Holder XDXD
  14. Awesome.... Totally awesome D. :)
  15. I just Realized I said something about Kill that Chin 2 Times

  16. Kill that chin will still be a thing. it will be advertised when needed :)
  17. Nice job Dramanya!
  18. So if staff makes you mad the PvP event would be a good way to let off steam.

    Who will comprise the staff side? Will it be mods only? a mix of SS/mods? or are we potentially going to see an admin or two throw themselves into the fray?
  19. I guess youll find out when the event starts :D
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