[EVENTS] 2016 EMC Voting Contest RESULTS

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  1. We finally figured out the code that we used last year and, after Krysyy learned some new Excel tricks, we converted it into data that didn't make our heads hurt.

    Winners are listed below along with some pretty neat statistics. Prizes will be delivered to first available slot in the winners' vaults by the end of the day:

    Tier 1
    Must have a vote bonus increase of 35+ during the specified period of July 15th to September 30th.
    Prizes: Diamond Voter's Block to 8 RANDOM winners at this level
    Eligible: 437

    Tier 2
    Must have a vote bonus increase of 75+ during the specified period of July 15th to September 30th.
    Prizes: Redstone Voter's Block to 6 RANDOM winners at this level
    Eligible: 130

    Tier 3
    Must have a vote bonus TOTAL of 375+ on September 30th.
    Prizes: Emerald Voter's Block to 4 RANDOM winners at this level
    Eligible: 282

    Tier 4
    Must have a vote bonus TOTAL of 775+ on September 30th.
    Prizes: Beacon Voter's Block to 2 RANDOM winners at this level
    Eligible: 55
  2. There's always next year... :p


    Yes, I'm that guy. Deal with it. :p
  3. woop woop
    2 prizes :D

    congratz to all the other winners :)
  4. Good job to the winners :p
  5. Grats everyone!
  6. Congratulations! :)
  7. Congrats to all the winners!

    And remember guys: if you keep on voting you don't only get cool prizes (regular amount of rupees, diamonds & emeralds but also stable & vault vouchers) but... You're also increasing your chances for next year.

    For example: I'm on a 691 streak right now, meaning that next year I'll also be able to compete in the 800 tear.

    Also a tip: trying to bribe random.org with an iron block obviously doesn't work. So next year I'll try 2 iron blocks instead :D
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  8. GG all! congratz ulti and other winners!
  9. Yes, and I have instructed Aikar to actually SAVE the code he used so that next year it doesn't take as much time getting a final data set to use. This year's participation was spectacular and next year we might just have to add another tier...
  10. Each tier is a separate drawing. You can be eligible for more than 1 tier and thus be in more than 1 drawing.
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  11. I totally agree with this idea. With the voting changes done a year ago? i noticed that someone that goes away at 799 streak, it would take only 10days or less to reach 800. So i think the higher tiers should up the minimum. and a next tier would be nice. Maybe another method of counting maybe? or just another minimum(similar to tier 3 and 4)
  12. one was by his alt I believe
  13. We shift the tier numbers with the new year, but not enough so as to discount people that have taken the effort to increase theirs substantially. We'll definitely look into the numbers next year just before posting to determine the best course of action.
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  14. Yes, but Allicanto won twice with his one account, no alts.
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  15. Nice job scoring on two prizes Alicanto. GG everyone and keep voting
  16. Thankyou, THankyou, first I'd like to thank my parents for being there for me every night as I voted for emc. Next I'd like to thank Donald J Trump for making me laugh through the tough times.
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  17. Awesome! Guess today's my lucky day :D Congrats to all the other winners and thanks for supporting EMC!
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  18. Prizes delivered to each account's vault. If you won with an alt at all, make sure that you check THEIR vault, not your main's.
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  19. yes, and funny thing is i have 5 alts where i vote on every day xD
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