[EVENT] Tree Choppers

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  1. Tree Choppers

    Your Host: Staff

    Time: 12 PM EMC time Until You Quit or 2 hours later

    Location: Will be announced when event starts

    Join us in leveling and replanting a forest in the Waste!
    This is yet another offspring of Miner Mania, but with a twist -
    It's all about the trees!

    The Server and Location will be Broadcast shortly before the event starts

    So what will you need for this event?

    Tools: You will need axes or at least the materials to make them.

    Armor: You might need some armor, since we are sometimes in the waste.

    Saplings: We may need some more saplings for growing new trees. Also, if we are in the Waste, saplings of different tree types may be needed if they are not available in the biome we are working in.

    Bones: Bring bones or bone meal to regrow trees. If this event takes off, a lot of replanting might be in order.

    Food: If in the Waste, some might be provided, but come prepared by either bringing some of your own, or start a farm at the location.

    Note, this is not a mining event, so mining and ruining the landscape wont be what we will be doing. Also, bringing flint and steel is not a good idea, let's leave the burning at home. ;)

    If any, DO NOT TAKE THE PODZOL. It is for use of everyone for any mushroom trees.

    All EMC rules still apply.
  2. Cool, sounds like fun! I, (And the rest of the community I'm sure) appreciate all of the work you put into making EMC more enjoyable. I hope I'll be able to attend!
  3. Hmm, should be abale to make it. Sounds fun!
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  4. Dang i can't make it, i'm at work at 12 :(
    But i love the new events bein put out by yall :D Hopefully i'll come next time
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  5. I will be going to this all the way :D
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  6. Sounds good! But I think school will be in the way for the majority of us since it's 12pm on weekday..
  7. So true... :(
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  8. We are supposed to save trees not kill them! *everyone dies from global warming when the event begins* Nice way to get wood though. :p
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  9. Put together a little something.
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  10. It sounds like a wonderful event - however, I will most likely be at school in the middle of the day. I will see if I can bring my laptop. :)
  11. Image is broken for me in original post

    But it looks fun I'll be (attemmpting to) attend
  12. I'm going \o/

    Oh wait, no im not, cuz I'll be in school that time /o\:(:(
  13. Yes you should make it later in the day such as maybe 6 pm as that is the time most of us should be home from school to give those in California and other places out west some time to get home and not just us in the eastern United States. :)
  14. I didn't know noon gave the eastern U.S. time to get home from school... :confused:
  15. I won't be able to make it but this certainly does sound like an interesting event :p
  16. Maybe if you would read it and see that I suggested not starting until 6 at night EST you would think otherwise.
  17. Sound great!
  18. I read it. And re-read it. I was out of breath by the first time, but I did read it a third, too.
    That implies that those of us in the Eastern U.S. have time to make the event with school, which is not the case.

    Maybe if you would read my post you would see what I really said.
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