[EVENT] TBird1128's Night-Time and Sunday Morning Mining

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  1. WHO?
    This event is for everyone to attend and enjoy.
    I, TBird, am the owner and hostess of this event, so give me a shout if you see me

    At the event you can expect to see mining, building, fun and shenanigans
    You will get a haste buff from the build-in 'group mining activity' buff in game, so you can mine those ores extra fast.
    Essentially, this event allows people to gather to mine, build, fight mobs and mostly have fun while you remain in the safety and comfort of a friendly group.

    This event will usually be in the wastelands on SMP1-9.
    (Though there are plans to host the event on utopia sometime)
    The actual location for the event will be announced server wide approximately 15 minutes before the event officially starts.

    The event will be held at 4:00PM (16:00) and another one at 7:00PM (19:00) Friday EMC time and will be scheduled when the staff have not planned an event.
    The thread will be bumped and the OP will be updated with the dates of the events as they arrive.

    We will also, during this quarantine I will be holding a Sunday Morning Mining Event in the same general area as the Friday night one incase other time zones want to join in.

    Empire Assistant
    Building Materials
    Spare/ Scrap Materials

    Stay kind and friendly toward others;
    Don't grief or steal (all EMC rules still apply);

    There will often be a presence on Discord if needed however I won't be on until my wifi issues are solved (I have to use my hotspot on my phone).

    Members of my team: SkeleTin007 and KikuDusk (when she is available) and I want to welcome new members of my team NuclearBobomb, THE_OP_VILLAGER, AmyLeePlayz and CliffCraft.

    I hope to see you soon!
    ~TBird1128 (aka T)
  2. Just want to say thanks to everyone who attended Sunday Morning Miners yesterday. It was a great turnout for the last one and I appreciate everyone that was able to attend the mining and the drop party. If enough people pm me I might start it up again in a few months but only if there is enough interest. I hope everyone got something they can use at the drop party. Thanks again for making the last one great!
  3. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█████████
  4. I can only make the Sunday morning ones.
  5. exciting.
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  6. You rock!
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  7. Can't make it because of time zones, but sounds like fun. Good luck!
  8. There is also a Friday night event in November so you never know...you might be able to make one of them ;)
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  9. This is amazing Tbird and love the picture Pterojackdyl made too ;)
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  10. [RESERVED for pics]
  11. Im gonna be at the big dig so prob not gonna show up
  12. My Friday night event isn't until November....I'll be at the Big Dig too :p
  13. I would need a lot of coffee to do this lol xD
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  14. Getting on now :)
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  15. It's wasn't front page very few showed up. It's already over.
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  16. Hey TBird1128! Nice idea! One problem. I can't get on the server.. .. . . So... I was kicked while supposedly trying to get on another smp. But I was just chilling on smp3. What do I do?
  17. It was just a bug.
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