[EVENT] TBird1128's Night-Time and Sunday Morning Mining

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  1. Just wanted to add to this to spark interest! BUT preparing for this event we have found a massive abandoned mine shaft with lots of goodies inside it.
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  2. Just a reminder today will have 2 mining events first one is at 4pm emc time and the second one is at 7pm emc time.
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  3. Just a sneak preview of the site for today's events:

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  6. Thank you to all who came out! I think it's safe to say tonight was a huge success. See you all next Friday!!!
  7. Thankyou T, It was amazing!
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  8. Decided to have a Big Dig on Sunday at 1pm! Come out and mine, fight mobs or just hang out and chat :D
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  9. Sounds amazing, I'll be there :3
  10. All the bees will belong to me.
    No forest will be left untouched.
    World will be engulfed.... Ahem Excuse me

    I'll be joining :)
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  11. Probably will join, with a friend. :D
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  12. Thankyou everyone that came out today, it was amazing <3
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  13. Just a reminder there will be an event this Friday at 4pm. Thinking about combining Mining with a Tree Chopper survival. Please feel free to make suggestions.
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  14. Sounds like a wonderful idea :D
  15. Reminder that we will be mining and chopping trees.
  16. You had me at chopping
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  17. Is there a possibility that you can run a 10pm mining event? I can't either a 4pm or 7pm time slot?
  18. I can get in the works of doing a late night miners event!?
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