[EVENT] TBird1128's Night-Time and Sunday Morning Mining

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Tbird1128, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Event starts in 2 hours and still not posted on the front page under player events.
  3. smp9 again? :/
  4. Why so surprised? Smp9 is the best server of all the servers in serveresness.
  5. Im in the frontier there =P
  6. Yes.
  7. Actually 7 is the best but RunkerD wanted to pick a spot on smp9 last month but only 6 players showed up so we had it there again.
  8. Mining with Birdie is the BEST!
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  9. Smp?

    Edit: unlikely can come, moms home....
  10. Sorry it was on smp3 but not a lot showed up so I might have an impromptu mining event on Dec 30th.
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  11. Just some awesome pics from today's event :)
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