Event Survey 2018!!!

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  1. Get your pencils ready (or computers/phones)! It's time for another survey as we work to shape the future of EMC with you all!

    This time, we're focusing on Empire Events and what you like/dislike, as well as your ideal time slots. Fill out the following survey to give us your input.

    Note: Quite a few of the questions are specific-minded on purpose to give us usable data on a specific topic. There is plenty of space to also give more details and alternative notes though, so please feel free. Detailed, CONSTRUCTIVE, and specific notes go a long way to helping us create the Empire Events that you want to see. If you find yourself being awfully vague, please try to give us some details to work with.

    We will share the results after the survey stalls a bit and we have our usual amount of answers for surveys like this (likely a little over a week). Looking forward to seeing the results!

    To take the survey, please click HERE!
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  2. Woot woot! i love events xD
  3. Me too
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  4. PVP fire floor is all i need
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  5. How about events for people that suck at everything? Lol #SignMeUp
  6. Polls, I love polls O:
  7. Filled out! :D
  8. Events on EMC are totally my thing...when time allows me to attend. Toadally gonna take this survey right now
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  9. Wish I had more time to attend events! Always enjoy them when I make it :D (especially firefloor... Firefloor is good ;))
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  10. Harvest Day and Midnight Miners. Not every event needs to be a competition or have one, everyone please keep that in mind while you do the survey.
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  11. You are completely right. I didn't even think of the mining events! Those are the best!
  12. I agree! In my opinion, Miner Mania, Harvest Day, and Something Fishy events are the best specifically because there's no competition :D
  13. Filled out! Dragon Slaying at the Arena is still my favorite <3 Big Digs are always fun too!
  14. Says the one who has been helping in a big dig xD Corrupted would agree, in his zone...
  15. Well, filled out, and my phone is looking quite weird because of it’s update :p
  16. I love firefloor, I agree moops :). Probably my favorite, 2nd has got to be mob arena.
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  17. I could fill in this survey with actual meaningful answers, to my surprise! :) (I haven't played on EMC in a while, but I could answer the questions using past experiences)
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  18. I have filled out the survey with how I feel on how EMC is doing event-wise.
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  19. I miss UHC
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  20. I guess the drama was interesting.
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