[EVENT] Spring 2022 - Bunny Corp.

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  1. We don't have a set time to close it right now, but it should be open for at least a week. :)
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  2. Thank you Build Team and Staff for another wonderful Easter Build! I had a blast going through the event!
  3. The Build is wonderful!!!
    I don't mind the recycling of last year's spring event into this one. In fact, it felt like wonderful continuity and I explored a bit to find some changes. (poor jeff killing off the florist shop was one good chuckle)

    There was a hop and a 2 block up jump to get to one of the papers. Took me 10 tries - I kid you not. No idea why I can make those jumps climbing around the hills in the waste but not in the events :oops: but that is a personal issue I guess.

    Still not finished with the event. Will have to go back and work on it again. Got a little tired trying to figure out what the ''badges'' were in the basement. Found the end of the maze okay, but have to go back and find these 'employees' I guess. Waiting for a spoiler list so that I get the idea, I think.

    What the devil do we only get one gold carrot to eat when there are 99 ways to die down there?!? :eek: pure evil BuildTeam at its finest. A must-see event.
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  4. I did manage to get the 6 vouchers to give Mr. Bunny. It's the maze that's the problem. I had no idea that there was another level that you had to get to by underwater until I watched someone do it. It's the underwater part that's the killer (and that's despite the air holes provided). It just wasn't fun for me.
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  5. The underwater part *SPOILER* is optional. You can get to the other side of it through the sweetberry room, which is right next to the water.
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  6. I didn't see that exit. I did start to go into that room, but once I started taking damage, I backed out real quick.
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  7. Congrats to build team / staff for yet another great build, thoroughly enjoyed it :)
  8. So I have allll the reports..and the assistant won't take them
  9. I'm not sure if this applies to the start of the event, but if you disconnected at any time, you'll need to restart by trashing everything.
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  10. "shall be granted the power of the bunny"
    has depth strider and soul strider

    We are not bunny enough to jump high, so we jump low.
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  11. What's the underwater part? Didn't see it. Anything interesting there?

    Finished the event. Although I enjoy seeing the holiday builds and exploring them, there was too much "maze" and not enough "lore" in this one. Some of the lecterns had filler and other ones had dad jokes. None of the lore was particularly engaging, and the mazes were loosely tied to the lore, which left this Easter event reliant on enjoying mazes just for mazes. I can't say that I'm a maze-lover, especially when I was expecting lore-filled fun, so I didn't really enjoy this event.

    Remembering some fantastic past holidays, I hope that future holidays will be more fun.
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  12. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish this event. I just kept dying in the maze and found it way too frustrating to be fun. I also agree with SteamingFire, with such a beautiful and complex build it would have been nice if it was more engaging. The whole death-maze thing didn't really tie-in to the concept for me and, unlike events filled with riddles and hidden objects, no one can really help each other out with completing this one. I know staff doesn't want to make it too easy, but I like events that are more about the experience than just completing a challenge to get a prize.
    Any word on when the promo will be available in /shopworld?
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  13. Good points that I agree with! However I'm pretty sure that event items are not put into /shopworld because that wouldn't be fair to those who did spend the time to complete the event. Nonetheless, here's a 5-minute speedrun video that mirror put in the speedrunning thread that should be a good guide for those who need help--

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  14. Amazing build and fun event. Many thanks to the team for their time and effort. My son, who is 7, kept saying "Wow look at that..." and I agreed with him.
  15. Hey everyone! We're planning to close this event on May 8th (this Sunday) so make sure you check it out soon if you haven't yet! I hope you all enjoyed the build. Huge thanks to the Build Team and staff members who brought this build to life. :D
  16. can not find the letter on the 6th floor. can anyone help.
  17. Came to help but you had logged out

    right when you get to the 6th floor, walk straight forward till you get to a desk, jump on the desk lamp the climb along the wall to get it :)
  18. The Bunny Corp. event is officially closed. I hope that you all had fun! :D
  19. Yes. The part I was able to get through was fun so far. That is one tricky maze for sure. This event seemed much more complex than usual, but I suppose I can never know how close I was to completion.

    I have a lot of trouble understanding why events like this have to close well in advance of another event opening up. I didn't have enough time on the weekend to finish it, and before that almost all my spare time was taken up by taxes or work. So I'm a bit disappointed I missed out but there's nothing I can do.
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