[EVENT] Quitting Giveaway

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  1. Post a comment, any comment, on this thread and you will be entered into a random number drawing. The winner will receive 500,000 rupees and will be allowed to choose any promo from my museum, and if you haven't been there recently, I have a lot of good ones.

    One entry per person, and do NOT enter multiple accounts, that's an automatic disqualification of all accounts in the give away. This event will end on the 30th of April at 9:00 p.m. where I will announce the winner.

    I said I was quitting yet everyone just wanted to point fingers and accuse me of wanting attention, you people are part of the main reason why I'm leaving, I'm sick of the immaturity on the server. It used to be so much nicer, but lately things are getting out of control.
  2. *Congrats BailiB*

    I'll send your 500K shortly, and when you log on, you can choose a promo from my collection.

    Thank you all who entered the competition, It was fun spending 25 minutes entering everyone's names into this thing -_-

  3. Really unfortunate that you feel that way.
    As I said previously, best of luck in your future.
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  4. Its a shame to see you leave, Good luck and stay safe! :)
  5. A derpy comment
  6. I have also left, and I am posting here just to say this: Thank you for your time here, the few times we talked you seemed like an awesome person! Hope you enjoy your time elsewhere, and if you want just pm me to talk! (I don't want this to count as an entry.)
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  7. Shame to see another one leave!
  8. im gonna miss you dude, hopefully we can still skype sometimes!
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  9. Can't blame you, this place isn't for everyone anymore. Good luck in your future :)
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  10. Unfortunate to see you go, but I hope you have fun in your future endeavours Kira. I still remember around about when you joined, I remember seeing the posts. Perhaps we'll see you sometime in the future, you're always welcome back. Have fun though!
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  11. Goodbye Kira! D=
  12. I know we never spoke by anyways Good luck in the Future :)
  13. Sorry to hear that your leaving, But I wish you the best of luck:)
  14. wait....wasnt there another thread like this? or am i going senile?
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  15. There was one announcing his leaving, this one is the giveaway for his leaving
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  16. This is a no comment comment. :)
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  17. Hate to see you go :oops: Have fun in your future endeavors!
  18. Have fun on your journeys! :)
  19. Good luck with your future adventures :)!
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