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  1. Come one, come all!

    Grab your bow and test your aim in EMC’s newest giveaway game:
    *Prize Pop*
    ~The more you shoot, the more you loot!~


    Event Details

    Our next event will be held Saturday, May 19th at 3 PM EMC time.
    /v +pop on Utopia to join us!

    Players are encouraged to bring an infinity bow (without flame) and arrow.
    Bows and arrows will be available for sale to those who need them.



    How to play:
    Players use bows and arrows to shoot the prize-filled itemframe targets on the prize board.
    Any prizes the player shoots down will automatically collect in the player’s inventory.
    When the round begins, players take aim and collect as many prizes as they can.
    Players continue shooting for 10 minutes, or until all prizes have been claimed.

    Bows and Arrows only, all other projectiles (snowballs, eggs, etc.) are expressly prohibited.
    Please no flame bows, they obscure the view of other players.
    Using prohibited items will result in game-play interruption and black-list from future events.

    This week’s prizes include precious gems, promos, an Iron Supporter Voucher and more.

    Donations welcome:
    A generous prize fund has been established for future Prize Pop events.
    All donations are welcome and should be mailed or paid to the account PrizePop.
    Donor’s names will be added to the Hall of Sponsors and the list below.
    If you would like to donate on behalf of another player, group, business or outpost,
    please leave a note via mail or rupee message.

    Sponsor List
    The following players have made considerable donations to the PrizePop Prize Fund.
    We Thank You!

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  3. Looks great! I'll put it on my calendar!
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  4. I will definitely try to make it!
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  5. I am so there, looks so much fun
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  6. Sounds like SOOOOO much fun!
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  7. Gotta check this one out :D
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  8. Seems fun, I'll try to be there! :)
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  9. Sent some donatiations, if you can't use them just send them back.
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  10. I'll log in for this.
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  11. I'll be there
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  12. Missed it..... Somehow I didn't even see it. :/
  13. Love the idea! Didn't see the forum post until now but I'm excited for future events!
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  14. Thank you to everyone who came out to test and thank you everyone who's donated! I will be sure to advertise for next week's event better, so hopefully we'll see some of you we missed!
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  15. It was a great event!
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  16. Huh, how do things get in people's inventories?
  17. Just like how when you hit an item frame with your fist and the item goes directly in your inventory: when an item frame is hit by the projectile ( in this case, an arrow from a bow & arrow, though past events similar to this idea have used others, too ), if there is any item in the item frame, the item is collected by whoever hits it, and it goes directly into that player's inventory :)
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  18. Ooh, I didn't know that update was already deployed to EMC! (and I forgot about it...)
    I'm used to EMC updating months late, you know?... :P At least I thought this was a fairly new feature.
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  19. I thought I'd post here aswell :p
    Sounds fun, It's sad I can't make it due to that being a kind of strange time in my time :p
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  20. Glad to see stuff like this going on. Hope I can make it. Thank you for doing things like this as well.
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