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  1. Missed it again.... Preferrebly somone would do an ingame advertisement....
  2. it was a little hasty this time, so announcements werent made. but its a player run event so kind of gotta keep up with it yourself
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  3. Just updated the thread and submitted this weekend's event for the calendar. Hope to see you there!

    Also, we had quite a few new survey responses from our last event and I thought it was about time for another drawing... so:

    Congratulations to CraZBraden for winning our random survey drawing; expect your iron supporter voucher in the mail in the coming days. :)
  4. Love bows are okay, right?

    EDIT- They’re cupid bows, and are they fine?
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  5. Cupid bows should be fine. There are infinity bows available for purchase at PrizePop. I do have a few extra bows, If you forget yours or your wallet, feel free to ask me for one. :)
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  6. Awesome! Cannot wait to not miss this one!
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  7. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Our next event will be held tomorrow: Saturday, February 17th at 6 PM EMC time.
    /v +pop on /Utopia to join us!

    Players are encouraged to bring an infinity bow (without flame) and arrow.
    Bows and arrows will be available for sale to those who need them.

  8. Hang around after PrizePop for some Trivia! Today's theme is Disney! :D
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  9. coming to my first one, that trivia is gonna be interesting...
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  10. This is an epic idea, I will try my best to make it!
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  11. Event starts at 6pm sharp... Hope to see you all there :)
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  12. I can actually make this one, see you there :)
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  13. Please join us Saturday, May 19th at 3pm EMC time,
    to welcome your new PrizePop host, N0TSURE.

    This thread will be retired after Saturday’s event.
    To continue getting PrizePop updates, please watch N0TSURE’s new thread HERE

    As some of you have noticed: I’m not around much anymore, and it’s been quite a while since I was able to plan and host a round of PrizePop. In light of that, I will be hosting a special PrizePop event this Saturday, to officially transfer the hosting of PrizePop to N0TSURE! He’s been there and done the work on all of the PrizePop events so far, and I’m certain he’ll host many more for the community to enjoy.

    We’ve been sharing scripts, bulking up the prize pool, and building a new thread for future event news. The ownership of the account PrizePop is also being transferred to him to act as a treasurer for the prize fund, so any donations can still be made to that account.

    On a more personal note, PrizePop has always meant a great deal to me. I was excited when I realize that EMC’s mechanics would allow such an event to work. I played with the idea for far too long before I settled on the theme and specs I would use. I built it and built it again, until I was really happy with how it all came together. I was so incredibly nervous the first few time I hosted, but the feedback I received from the community was amazing! Seriously guys, those survey responses were some of the nicest and most helpful feedback I’ve gotten on any project, game or otherwise. So to all of you who made it to one of my events, thank you, you made the project worth it. I’m really going to miss getting together with all you wonderful people to play, but I know the event is in good hands.

    ~ CD
  14. Bumping the announcement ^^^
  15. Has anyone recorded video footage of one of these events? :)
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  16. Im notsure, I dont think so :p