[Event] New years hangout!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by jewel_king, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Hey Everyone!
    Since the ball drop was postponed to tomorrow i am going to be hosting a hangout party instead :)

    Where?: Utopia /town, a group will be create so that people can spread out over utopia if they wish and use group chat

    When?: 11:30 PM EMC time tonight

    What?: hangout and talk and countdown to 2020!

    What do i need?: just yourself, you can bring fireworks if wish

    Please note that i have no giveaways etc planned,
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  2. Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for organizing, Jewel!
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  3. If I can get on we could countdown at v 5001 by spawn and set off the fireworks. Have about 100 in chain
  4. This works for me cause it's my 10:30 pm in cst so I can still watch the ball drop in my time zone at midnight here. :)
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  5. Sorry, can't make it. Gonna be with the family and celebrate some birthdays. Can you say cheesecake bar!!
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  6. Thanks to BugsyWPfeiffer and xfufflymomox we now have a ball drop!
    sometime before midnight we will head to 5200 where there has been a working ball drop setup!

  7. Thank you everyone who came! sadly we couldnt get everyone in the picture at once
    thanks matheus for the picture!

    Happy new years!!!!!!!
  8. Happy New Year, everyone!!:D

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  9. Ditto...

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  10. well im sad, I just saw this 5 min into new year and missed teh party D:
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  11. Heh, that's a lot of people! Cool! :D
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